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When does a quick 2-bar test not mean nCoV positive?

Quick test is an easy way to find out if you have an infection COVID-19 or not.

On the tray of the rapid test kit, there are 2 lines C and T. The C line (Control line) is displayed in red when the test tray has absorbed enough sample solution. The T line (Test line) also known as the positive line will show up in red when you have COVID-19.

However, if the T-line is very faint and appears after a certain period of time, it means you have not had COVID-19.

British doctor, Nathan Hudson-Peacock, explains: “Basically, if the T-line appears within the manufacturer’s specified time period (usually 30 minutes), the result is positive and the person testing must be isolated.”

“However, if the T line appears after the above time, the result will not be recognized. You don’t have to quarantine and you don’t need a PCR test.”

When does a quick 2-bar test not mean nCoV positive?  - first

Some people receive a very faint positive line.

However, the doctor recommends, if you have symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how quickly the test results, you should isolate and have a PCR test.

Different manufacturers produce test kits with their own requirements. For example, some tests require you to pick both your mouth and nose – while others only ask to pick your nose.

Omicron, the variant that is common today, often causes mild symptoms that are easily confused with colds and flu. Official UK report reveals 50-70% lower risk of hospitalization due to Omicron infection than Delta.

Health officials repeatedly affirmed, the nose vaccines strengthens against Omicron and offers the best chance of overcoming the pandemic.

What does the faint positive line after 30 minutes mean?

Dr. Peacock commented: “If the faint positive line appears after the specified time, it may be because the sample has been contaminated (due to food, drink, causing false positives), or the patient has a high concentration of SARS-CoV virus. -2 is extremely low.”

“If it’s the second case and you don’t have symptoms at the time, you’re also very unlikely to be contagious.”

Dr. Peacock advises people to take precautions if there is a faint positive line. People with suspicious signs should wear a mask, wash their hands, and keep a distance from others. The change in results from negative to positive can occur within a few hours.

The review noted, the rapid test kits in the UK are almost always correct when giving positive results (99%) but less accurate when giving negative results.

Rapid tests miss 60% of positive cases that can be found through PCR. That means many people with COVID-19 get false negatives.

Previously, South African scientists were concerned that rapid tests would not detect the Omicron variant. However, the UK Health and Security Agency (UKHSA) said that its analysis did not reach such a conclusion.

Dr Jenny Harries, UKHSA CEO, said: “Our data show that rapid tests are similar to other variants in detecting COVID-19 in people with Omicron.”

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