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Why does China ban artists from showing off their wealth and luxury?

According to Xinhua News AgencyIn June 2021, China’s top Cyberspace Administration (CAC) issued regulations to purge social networks. In it, there is a requirement that artists, celebrities, even fans not have acts of wasting property or ostentatious lifestyle.

According to regulatory authorities in China, this is a concept that worships money, enjoys enjoyment more than honest work, and is also the source of many criminal acts.

It is forbidden to show off your rich life

According to Xinhua News Agencythe reason why China’s top Cyberspace Administration (CAC) has issued regulations banning celebrities and fans from having a ostentatious lifestyle is to prevent the ideology of materialism, religion Love money, wasteful spending.

Before that, a number of young singers such as Chau Chan Nam (born in 2000), Hoang Minh Hao (born in 2002), Ngu Thu Han (born in 1995), Ngo Tuyen Nghi built the image of a warm young man who came from from wealthy families. They often wear branded clothes, wear expensive watches, and drive luxury cars that make fans admire.

However, later, when the news that these idols’ families were entangled in huge debts, the public changed their view of them.

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