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Why does Viet make a small tam: No weathering is even more greasy?

The fact that the 9X female singer “innocently” relied on each other with him and them made public opinion extremely angry. Aren’t fans and public opinion once strongly “sealed”, the more greasy they are, the more they defy everything?

Recently, public opinion cannot help but be annoyed by the instability in the behavioral culture of famous faces in the village. entertain. It could be a “market hammer” behavior, swearing and swearing on social networks or most recently an emotional scandal…

Once again, public opinion “boils” because of the story of a young female singer with many hits and married giants. In the midst of this “cousins ​​who rely on each other”, the mother-in-law also asserted that the giant U60 and the “main house” are still legal husband and wife.

The audience asked: Why did the singer choose to close her eyes when she knew that she might be destroying another family’s nest? Have they ever questioned their future: If my family knew that I was a “little tam”, what would they think, how would they deal with the gossip of the neighbors? And many, many more questions…

Why does Viet make a minor tam: No weathering... even more oily?-1
Singer Hien Ho – who got caught up in a recent scandal.

An obvious situation in Vbiz: Countries in the region are very strong with artists with moral problems, but in Vietnam, there has never been a precedent of boycotts or assassinations… even though scandals continue to happen, next year will be serious. more than a year ago.

Just look at neighboring China, Ngo Dich Pham is so popular, Trinh Sang is so loved… and even Trieu Vy thought he was about to be on the “banyan tree” line, he was also convicted of murder because of his crimes. noisy private life.

All three names above have their accounts deleted on social networks. Film and television productions with their participation also disappeared completely.

Vietnam has issued “General Code of Conduct for Artists” But are the sanctions too light for anyone to fear? Or the Vietnamese audience is too permissive, today they cursed, why did they forget it today Vietnamese stars Innocently doing minor tam also stabs… greasy?

About the 9X singer mentioned above, I am the idol of many teen girls and teen boys. Whatever you sing, the kids also compliment it well and sing all day long. No matter what I wear, the kids also compliment me and buy it.

If I live like this, the children will follow… how dangerous will the story be? A lifestyle that relies on the rich despite having a family. Then what will the next generation be like? How many children will fall astray after idols?

Neither judging nor accusing, I just hope Vietnamese audiences are more strict with their idols and stars are more disciplined in their personal lives.

Don’t dunk your career in the black mud yourself! Do not spoil a generation of young fans just by selfishness and a lifestyle of petting and pampering your ego that defies everything…

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