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Why would accidentally scratching ginger throw away something of value? The most useful way to use ginger, few people know

Many people shave ginger skin with the thought that to keep the ginger root clean, cooking will be safe and hygienic, because ginger peel sticks a lot to the soil and sand. However, this approach is not necessarily correct. So how does it make sense to eat ginger?

What are the uses of ginger?

Ginger is a familiar food and oriental medicine that is widely used in life. Ginger has a spicy, slightly warm taste and is mainly used to treat colds, headaches, nasal congestion, and vomiting.

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With many health benefits, ginger is not only a good spice but also a valuable medicine.

University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gansu conducted a study on the pharmacological effects of ginger. The results showed that ginger has about 100 chemical components, mainly including gingerol – the main bioactive compound in ginger, which is responsible for most of the medicinal properties of this root. Gingerol has antiemetic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, hypoglycemic and hyponatremic properties.

Basically ginger is good for the body, especially people who are cold. However, if you are in a hot and hot state, it is best to limit the amount of ginger you consume to avoid bloating and constipation.

Does ginger need to be peeled?

What’s interesting about ginger is that the ginger flesh is hot, but the skin of the ginger is cold. Therefore, the whole ginger root, including the skin, is warm. Ginger peel also has many diuretic-like effects, helping to increase blood qi.

Ginger only retains its medicinal properties if the skin is intact. When you peel ginger, the ginger root tends to heat up, not giving it the right effect. Therefore, instead of peeling, you just need to clean the dirt and grit on the surface of the tubers.

According to Chinese medicine experts, peeling ginger or not depends on each individual condition. If you have a cold or cold stomach, indigestion, or diarrhea, you should limit eating ginger with the peel. Once peeled, ginger increases the heat, eating helps to push the welding gas out of the person. On the other hand, if you have a hot temper, don’t scrape off the skin of the ginger while cooking.

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Depending on the condition, use ginger that has been peeled or whole.

Healthy people should eat ginger with the skin on. However, don’t eat a lot.

Traditional Chinese medicine recommends eating ginger in the following cases:

– Women during menstruation: Drinking ginger tea with red apple helps relieve menstrual pain.

– People with thrush, heat: Mix ginger peel with tea to help the disease gradually improve.

– Children with anorexia: Eating young ginger buds (known in many places as Asian ginseng) helps children increase appetite and promote physical development.

– The elderly and infirm are afraid of cold, rheumatism, cold hands and feet in winter: Eating ginger helps stimulate heat in the body, promote blood circulation, dispel cold. Tea should be brewed regularly and for a long time. In addition, the elderly who use ginger also help lower blood lipids, lower blood sugar (for people with high blood pressure).

Some doctors of oriental medicine recommend that parents boil ginger water to wash their hair and soak their feet. It has the effect of helping to disinfect, reduce inflammation, warm the limbs, and improve blood circulation throughout the body.

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Combining ginger and green tea can be a delicious and healthy drink. Illustration

When is the best time to eat ginger?

Oriental medicine believes that everything is divided between yin and yang, so that the time from morning to noon is the most prosperous time of the day. Therefore, eating ginger at this time is the best for the human body. Eating ginger – foods that increase Yang – at night will affect sleep.

What foods make sense to incorporate ginger?

Ginger is best combined with tea, because green tea is cool, ginger is warm. This duo has an excellent effect on coughs, colds and colds.

Ginger can be combined with brown sugar to help women relieve menstrual pain and irregular periods.

Ginger and goji berries also make a good pairing, as goji berries help deliver the ginger’s warmth to the internal organs, which can play a role in warming the kidneys and yang.

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