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XSMT 24/3, Central Lottery results today Thursday, March 24, 2022

Lottery 24/3. Newspaper TGVN updates the fastest results Central Lottery Today is Thursday, March 24, 2022. Result lottery todayXSMT Every Thursday is opened by Lottery Company of 3 provinces: Binh Dinh (XSQB), Quang Binh (XSQB) and Quang Tri (XSQT). Results Directly drawing prizes at 17:15, starting from the eighth prize to the first prize, and finally announcing the special prize.

Lottery – Lottery results on 24/3/2022 – Central Lottery 24/3/2022 – Central lottery results on Thursday, March 24, 2022

Live update table of Southern lottery results will be displayed 30 minutes before the drawing time. If the update panel does not show readers re-entering the category Society select Lottery today to watch live. Thank you!

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– March 23

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– March 22

XSMT 24/3, Central Lottery results today Thursday, March 24, 2022

Lottery prediction in the Central region – XSMT March 24, 2022 – Thursday Lottery

Close the beautiful number, predict the Central Lottery on Thursday, March 24, 2022:

Eighth Prize: 33

Special: head, tail: 17

2-digit bag: 22 – 52 – 64


A traditional Central Lottery ticket worth 10,000 VND, can win many prizes from small to large

– 01 Special Prize, each prize is worth 2,000,000,000 VND

– 10 First Prizes, each prize worth 30,000,000 VND

– 10 Second Prizes, each prize worth 15,000,000 VND

– 20 Third prizes, each prize is worth 10,000,000 VND

– 70 Fourth Prizes, each prize worth 3,000,000 VND

– 100 Annual Prizes, each prize is worth 1,000,000 VND

– 300 Sixth Prizes, each prize is worth 400,000 VND

– 1,000 Seventh Prizes, each prize is worth 200,000 VND

– 10,000 Eighth Prize, each prize is worth 100,000 VND

– 9 Special sub-prizes, each worth 50,000,000 VND. Side prizes are tickets that are only 1 digit wrong in the hundreds or thousands of the Grand Prize.

– 45 Consolation prizes, each prize worth 6,000,000 VND. The consolation prize is for winning lottery tickets in the hundreds of thousands, with only 1 digit wrong in any row of the remaining 5 digits compared to the Special prize.


a. In managing lottery business activities, Lottery Company must ensure the principle: “Transparency, objectivity, honesty – Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the participating parties”.

b. In printing tickets, issuing and distributing lottery tickets, organizing the lottery, announcing the results of the prize opening, and paying prizes for the winning lottery tickets, the rules for participating in the lottery must be ensured. and current processes and regulations of the State in the field of lottery business.

c. Ensure the confidentiality of bonus payment information at the request of the customer, except when required by the competent state management agency to serve the management.

Please read the results Lottery today 3/24 and look up Central Lottery 24/3Result 24/3 Most accurately updated on International Newspaper everyday.

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