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Young mother “wrestles” for her son to stay calm, baby bounces and makes milk splash

Feeding the baby directly or with a bottle is also a problem that causes headaches for mothers. Many babies fall in love with their mothers, so they give up bottle feeding and vice versa. There are also a few babies who can breastfeed both at the same time, but it takes time and patience from the mother, sometimes the children also give up halfway, causing many parents to become stressed.

The young mother below is also in a similar situation when her son refuses to take a bottle. However, because she is about to go to work, the mother wants to gradually train her baby to get used to the new bottle. However, the boy was determined not to cooperate, struggling to make the milk in the bottle splash, just bring the bottle closer to the baby crying again.

Baby boy cries when mother feeds milk

Young mother confided: “Drinking curdled milk is so annoying, everyone”, this voice made everyone feel uncomfortable because the mother thought this clip was funny and funny, so she posted it for everyone to see. However, looking at the baby’s annoyed, annoyed and constantly crying appearance, everyone felt pity.

In fact, many mothers are also facing the same situation when training their children to eat from a bottle. Some parents said that it seems the boy in the clip above is having problems with physiological anorexia, while most think the mother is just trying to get her baby used to the new bottle.

Why doesn’t the baby take a bottle?

– Baby is not really hungry: It is possible that normally babies can breastfeed all the time even when not hungry, because babies like the feeling of sucking and lying in the mother’s lap. So the mother mistakenly thinks that the baby gets hungry very quickly and feeds the bottle according to the time of breastfeeding. Babies usually only take bottles when they’re really hungry, so if they’re not hungry they won’t cooperate.

– Unaccustomed baby: Many babies who have not been used to bottle feeding early, need time for them to know how to bottle feed and get used to bottle feeding.

– Because the nipple is too hard: Babies who are used to the breast will find that some types of nipples are harder and harder to suck on, so they won’t cooperate.

– Not familiar with powdered milk: Many mothers are not used to expressing milk for bottle-fed babies, but instead use formula milk to replace breast milk for babies. However, babies may not be used to the taste of formula, so they refuse and refuse to bottle feed.

– Some children reach the teething stage There is also resistance to bottle feeding. Because babies have itchy gums, they like to bite their teeth into the teat instead of sucking milk.

Young mother

Do not force your baby to gradually get used to bottle feeding.

Baby refuses to take a bottle, what to do?

– Should give the baby a bottle when the baby is really hungry: If you force your baby to take a bottle when he’s not hungry, it’s normal for him to object and not cooperate. If the child is already on solid food, do not force the child to eat too much food at each meal, this will make the baby full and reduce milk intake.

– Create a suitable environment when breastfeeding: When bottle-feeding, keep the child in a quiet environment, without creating factors that attract the child to distract the child.

– Children should begin to learn how to bottle-feed with breast milk. Because babies are used to using breast milk, when learning to bottle feed, they should express breast milk in a bottle and let them practice bottle feeding. Children are used to breast milk, so cooperation will be easier.

– Change to softer nipplesit is possible that the nipple is too hard, making it difficult for the baby to suck or suck at each bottle. lai-bi-dan-mang-quo-trach-20220318105822177.chn

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