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A “virtual currency” exchange has just become the official sponsor of the World Cup 2022

On its official Twitter page, Crypto.com has posted an announcement that it has completed negotiations with the World Football Federation (FIFA) to become one of the sponsors for the World Cup World Cup. will take place later this year in Qatar. Crypto.com founder and CEO Kris Marszalek said the sponsorship deal will help “increase brand recognition for the exchange on a global scale.”

A virtual currency exchange has just become an official sponsor of the 2022 World Cup - Photo 1.

Besides FTX, Crypto.com has recently been the most expensive platform to promote its name by participating in sports events or collaborating with famous athletes. In addition to sponsoring many clubs and sports organizations around the world, Crypto.com once spent up to $ 700 million to buy the rights to rename Staples Center stadium in LA to Crypto.com Arena last month. 12/2021.

Currently, the sports segment is where companies do business cryptocurrency fiercely compete with each other. Recently, FTX and tennis queen Naomi Osaka have teamed up to carry out campaigns to spread knowledge about cryptocurrencies to women, in which, Naomi will be the global representative of this brand.

Or as in February, both Binance, Coinbase, FTX and Crypto.com also “expended” to appear on ads at the Super Bowl. It is known that this is the most watched sports event in the United States. That much is enough to see how intense the competition for market share is between the exchanges.

Cryptocurrency, commonly known as “virtual currency”, has not been recognized by law in Vietnam. The information in the article is for reference only and has no investment recommendation value.


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