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Already have 4 children, but every night the wife asks for another child, the husband acts controversial

Every time pregnantChildbirth is a time when a mother has to exchange some of her health, beauty and youth. Therefore, most modern women choose to have only 1-2 children. However, the mother below has a completely different concept when she always wants to have many children, until her husband is scared and doesn’t dare to go home.

Liu Chen (30 years old, lives in Hefei, China) has been married for 7 years and now has a total of 4 children. This mother recounted, about 3 months after her 4th birthday, her husband Xiao Zhao did not come home again.

Has 4 children, but every night, his wife asks;  #34;  ask;  #34;  Having another child, her husband's controversial act - 1

The husband had to leave the house because his wife demanded more children every night. (Illustration)

Liu Chen said he likes having children at home and wants to have as many children as possible. Especially when she finds out that her husband often texts and chats with foreign women. Since then, insecurity and suspicion had resurfaced in her heart and Liu Chen thought that the more children she had, the happier her family would be, there was a reason to keep her husband and she truly felt safer.

However, every time she made an offer, her husband refused. He gave various reasons such as worrying about his wife’s health, fear of not being able to take care of all the children properly and finally economic pressure. However, Liu Chen thought that it was all “resistance” and believed that he had a third person, so he didn’t want to have any more children. The couple often argued about this matter and eventually Mr. Xiao Zhao ran away from home, leaving his wife to take care of the children alone, but still sending money regularly every month.

Liu Chen posted his story on social media and asked people to find a solution. Unexpectedly, netizens quickly learned the identity of the husband and continued to criticize him. Finally, the father of four had to speak up.

Contrary to his wife’s thinking, Xiao Zhao said that ever since the 4th child reached old age, he did not dare to go home because his wife kept asking him to continue having children. This man shared that his family situation was not too difficult but also not rich, when his wife gave birth to his first 2 children, he was very happy and always tried to do everything to take good care of the children. . But then his wife kept asking for more children, which made him feel very depressed, and finally had no choice but to return home to make his wife give up on the idea of ​​having more children.

Has 4 children, but every night, his wife asks;  #34;  ask;  #34;  have another child, her husband's controversial act - 3

The husband was equally worried about his wife’s health during pregnancy and feared the pressure to raise a child, so he disapproved of having another child. (Illustration)

He also said he had repeatedly told his wife that the woman who texted back and forth was not a lover but just an ordinary co-worker, but his wife didn’t believe him. Having up to 4 children makes her even more stressed and tired, trying to organize each day to be able to pay all the expenses of living in the family. There is no other way but to temporarily leave for a while as I don’t dare to return home during this period.

The story of this ‘crazy’ wife with children has received a lot of attention from netizens. Everyone thinks that giving birth is a very important thing, giving birth to many children to be hugged by her husband is really the wrong decision of the wife, because if the child is born without conditions to be cared for properly, it will be very sad. However, the husband is not allowed to leave the house. Instead, he should speak clearly with his wife and be clear in his relationship so that she doesn’t have to be suspicious.

Does having many children affect the mother’s health?

Although the desire to have many children is a legitimate desire of every woman, according to the World Health Organization, complications during pregnancy and childbirth are one of the leading causes of death in women with multiple children. Because every pregnancy affects the health of the mother.

Dr Dorothy Shaw, former President of the International Federation of Gynecologists and Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said: “Pregnancy that is too close together leaves mothers with no time to recover from the loss of nutrients such as iron and folate after pregnancy and breastfeeding known as maternal depletion syndrome, which can lead to cause anemia and other complications such as uterine rupture, or low birth weight, low birth weight or premature birth.

In addition, Dr Shaw said that when you have 2 or 3 children, the risk of postpartum complications such as bleeding will also increase, because the uterine muscles cannot contract as before. This is a common cause of postpartum hemorrhage.

Therefore, even if she wants to have many children, the mother must allow her body to recover, at least 12 months and preferably 18 months after giving birth to have another pregnancy. At the same time, always check your pregnancy and monitor your health regularly if you have given birth to 2-3 children or more.

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