Ask the shipper to check for your lover online

Although faster than others, what the male lead received was not better at all.

Recently, Chinese social media is spreading the story of an 18-year-old boy from Dalian city (Liaoning province) with his experience love online extremely memorable.

Accordingly, this guy knew a girl online. Through the chat and the pictures sent, the girl seems to be a person with a rather slim figure, a good-looking face, a tasteful dress, and an attractive way of talking.

They’ve only known each other for a few days, but the two seem to be very compatible. They freely shared with each other everything from study, family, life to future goals… For the first time having this kind of relationship, the boy felt very new.

Very quickly, the guy realized that he had a crush on the girl on the other side of the screen, just a day without talking to feel uneasy.

Thanks to the shipper who checked his girlfriend's appearance online, the young man almost fainted-1
The male lead deliberately tries to “try” his girlfriend online before things go any further (Artwork)

However, the strange thing is that although the guy repeatedly asked to meet, the girl refused. Sometimes she gave a reason to be busy with work, sometimes she said she didn’t have time, even said that the two had just met, the opportunity was not yet ripe.

The feeling of talking to each other forever without meeting a real person makes the male lead extremely frustrated. The guy thinks this is not a good way, there is no sense of security.

After thinking for a while, the guy came to a bold decision to take advantage of ordering food online for his girlfriend, asking the shipper to help her look at her face to see if it was the same as in the photo.

If they are the same, they will continue to talk, and if they are different, they will end immediately to avoid a long night of dreams.

Thanks to the shipper who checked his girlfriend's appearance online, the young man almost fainted-2
On the note to the shipper, the male lead carefully wrote: “Hello, sir, please help me see if my girlfriend is pretty, we’ve only been dating for a week. I’m bothering you!”

On the planned day, the male lead still talked with his girlfriend as usual. When it was time to order food for his girlfriend, he carefully wrote his offer of help in the note sent to the shipper.

The shipper was also very excited when he participated in such a “mission” for the first time. However, when bringing the goods to the address listed, the male shipper only saw an aunt over 50 years old coming out to receive the goods.

After confirming and reconfirming, the male shipper came to the conclusion that this is the male lead’s online dating object.

Thanks to the shipper to check his girlfriend's appearance online, the young man almost fainted-3
The moment he opened the door, the shipper himself was also surprised when the recipient was an aunt

Thanks to the shipper who checked his girlfriend's appearance online, the young man almost fainted-4
And the shipper also confirmed that this person is the date of the guy who asked for me

Listening to the shipper tell everything, the heartbroken boy realized that he had been cheated by an aunt, and at the same time felt quite lucky to know the story early, otherwise the matter could develop in a worse direction.

The story of the young man quickly received the special attention of many netizens with many different opinions.

– I love the male lead, but why am I so funny, hahahahaha!

-She’s actually super, just using her language to deceive her male friends. Hahaha, fortunately I haven’t met, but I’m sure the male friend fainted on the spot.

– Fortunately, this guy is quick-witted, or else he would have taken a trick!

– Oh, love online, just accept it. At least it’s female, not male…

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