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Being Jisoo’s best friend, wearing simple clothes in real life

Following the movies set in the 80s – 90s in Korea such as “Reply 1988”, “Youth of May”, “Snowdrop”, “Age 25, Age 21” is being loved by many viewers, looking forward to each episode. “Age 25, Age 21” not only attracts viewers with its meaningful, touching content, mixed with many humorous scenes, the film also makes the audience melt in front of the cast possessing extremely excellent visuals. If the female lead Kim Tae Ri has become familiar to Korean moviegoers through many cult works, the supporting woman Bona – who takes on the role of Yoo Rim is a bit more strange.

The beloved woman of
The beloved woman of

Although Bona’s film fortune is still modest, her gentle beauty, intelligence and sharpness, plus natural acting have helped the young actress conquer the audience. As a new face in the field of acting, but in the Kpop music industry, Bona has been active as a member of the idol group WJSN for nearly 6 years. She is also a close friend of Jisoo (Black Pink), the two girls often hang out and support each other from acting to music.

The beloved woman of
The beloved woman of

Bona’s beautiful muse beauty.

The beloved woman of

Bona and Jisoo are the famous best friends of Kpop.

And no less than her best friend Jisoo, Bona also owns fashion sense Stylish. In everyday life, Bona does not dress up too picky or fancy. Elegant items such as shirts and blouses are her favorite fashion items. Bona often wears these styles with jeans, casual pants and sports shoes to create a youthful and dynamic outfit.

Bona also has another “honest” fashion item, which is a neutral color t-shirt. This is a shirt style that symbolizes youth and health, but still ensures the wearer an elegant appearance.

The young actress does not “frame” the style when wearing a T-shirt. She breaks a little bit with formulas such as T-shirt + two-piece skirt, T-shirt + overalls, or a leather jacket. The flexibility in the way of wearing T-shirts helps Bona’s look to be always impressive, never boring.

Bona’s airport style is also a highlight. Usually, Bona will go for a minimalist look with a shirt + jeans, or a white t-shirt and blazer… However, sometimes, she also adds a bit of bright color to the style with the combo of a brightly colored blouse. + pleated skirts, or plaid shirt skirts… Although not too flashy or luxurious, Bona’s airport fashion still has its own mark thanks to its sweetness and trendyness.

Bona’s usual style doesn’t have a lot of caked skirt sets. However, every time she wears this feminine outfit, Bona always scores points with her flying beauty. The stylish dress also matches Bona’s gentle visual, so if she wears this item more carefully, her casual style will explode even more.

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