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Broken mirror heals after information from face

Actor Thuong Tin told VietNamNet that he made a phone call to make peace with Meritorious Artist Trinh Kim Chi. He told Trinh Kim Chi: “If the two brothers meet each other, if there is any problem, say it and let go of the old story. We’re the same artists, it’s okay for anyone to win or lose, it won’t do anything.”

On his side, Meritorious Artist Trinh Kim Chi confirmed that he had accepted the request of artist Thuong Tin to meet to resolve conflicts. However, she is busy with work and family, so she only talks to her senior by phone. She said that when actress Thuong Tin took the initiative to call, she should “ignore”.

When asked about actor Thuong Tin’s failure to admit his mistake or express his sincere apology, Trinh Kim Chi said: “I want everything to quickly close and pass. Each of us now has our own lives and jobs to take care of. I don’t want to worry, repeat and cause more fatigue for each other. Forget the old story with you. It’s also to ease yourself.”

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Thuong Tin and Trinh Kim Chi.

In December 2021, actor Thuong Tin posted a video accusing Meritorious Artist Trinh Kim Chi of confusing charity donations.

Thuong Tin confirmed that Trinh Kim Chi had called for a total of 800 million VND, but he actually received only 130 million VND. The actor explained that his family used this money to live through the difficult epidemic season, not spending it as frivolously as rumored.

Regarding the insurance amount of 264 million VND (after paying for the first year, now it is 244 million VND), Thuong Tin said that Trinh Kim Chi initially said that he would pay for the insurance company but then silently sent it to the bank to get interest. Therefore, he and an acquaintance said that they would ask the police to investigate the truth and regain their honor.

Trinh Kim Chi responded to actor Thuong Tin’s question on his personal page. The amount she called for donations was 406 million dong, not 800 million dong like her senior said. Each call, the Meritorious Artist is published on his personal page and posted with the account number of Thuong Tin’s wife. She also actively recorded each money handover, contract and insurance document for the audience to watch.

Regarding the insurance amount of VND 264 million (currently VND 244 million), Trinh Kim Chi clearly stated the insurance company’s regulations, so she could not pay the entire amount at once, but sent it to the bank for annual payment. She also told VietNamNet, this is a regular account, not a savings account.

Therefore, the Meritorious Artist refused to exchange words with actor Thuong Tin. In the case of a senior reporting to the police, she is willing to cooperate.

In a conversation with VietNamNet in January, Meritorious Artist Trinh Kim Chi avoided mentioning actor Thuong Tin’s name. She described her feelings when she learned that she was harshly denounced by her senior husband and wife: “I feel humiliated. My kindness is trampled, terribly hurt.”

“No matter what happens in the future, I still remember when he burst into tears when he received the money the audience collected for him. Everything that happens next, from here on, everyone can live their own lives.”the Meritorious Artist concluded.

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