Cars explode like bombs while refueling

BrazilA car was refueling with CNG in the front when the rear of the car exploded, on March 16 in the capital city of Fortaleza, Ceara state.

Cars explode like bombs while refueling

Surveillance cameras at the gas station on Radialista Joao Ramos Avenue in Fortaleza captured the gruesome sight as the sedan was refueling. The driver stands at the front while an employee pumps air into the vehicle.

Suddenly the back of the car exploded and the pressure caused the camera to vibrate. A column of gas was clearly visible from the vehicle immediately after the explosion. The gas cylinder flew and fell about 60 meters from the scene. Luckily no one was hurt.

When the firefighters arrived, the gas tank of the exploding car was gone. The incident is being investigated, while the explosion is believed to be the result of a “series of errors”, such as improper installation of gas cylinders, or failure of fuel station staff to check the inspection stamp on the vehicle’s fuel system.

In Brazil, users of CNG vehicles are required to carry out two safety checks every year, including checking valves, nozzles, pressure gauges, connections, pipes…

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) – compressed natural gas – is a type of methane gas (CH4) stored at high pressure which is used as an alternative fuel for gasoline, oil, propane (liquefied petroleum gas). CNG is considered safer because of fewer unwanted emissions.

Due to its safer features and easily available supplies, more and more vehicles are using CNG as a fuel. However, the drawback of this fuel is that it requires a larger tank of gasoline and oil, while the mileage when the tank is full is lower, so if you want to be popular, you need a larger number of refueling stations.

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