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Cooking habits cause cancer

Cooking is a job, sometimes even a simple hobby of a woman. Taking care of family members from the dishes they cook also makes women feel happy. But there are habit cooking produce toxins, cause the whole family to have cancer, chronic disease. You need to change these habits urgently to make that happiness more complete.

3 cooking habits that create opportunities for carcinogen “birth” in the body

1. Do not wash the pan but continue to use stir-fry to cook other dishes

This kitchen routine is extremely common. Because of the convenience, many people often finish frying a certain dish and continue to use this pan to cook a new dish. Given that there is no bacterial attack, saving time in cleaning, many people have the habit of using this type of pan.

3 cooking habits create opportunities for carcinogens to

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh (former lecturer at the Institute of Food and Biotechnology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology), this kitchen habit makes the dish not appetizing. More importantly, it is also germ of cancer.

The reason is that the cooking oil and food residue left on the pan during the previous frying process, if continued to be heated for frying, will produce Benzopyrene. This is a carcinogen found in leftovers that continue to be subjected to the second heat.

Therefore, it is recommended to remove all the excess oil that has been fried before, wash the pan before using it to process the next dish. You will both have delicious food with the right taste and not worry about the risk of cancer.

2. Use cooking oil to fry again and again

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Dinh Toan (Director of the Institute of Clinical Nutrition) said that using oil to fry food at high temperature many times will cause the oil to oxidize, creating substances that are not good for health. The content of vitamins A, E in this oil is destroyed. Not to mention, the taste of dishes using this oil does not guarantee the taste.

3 cooking habits create opportunities for carcinogens to

Scientists from the University of Illinois (USA) have researched and argued that cooking oil that is heated many times will decompose triglycerides, leading to oxidation of free fatty acids and the release of carcinogens. malicious mail called acrolein.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh (former lecturer at the Institute of Food and Biotechnology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology) also affirmed that using fried cooking oil many times to form Eating habits cause cancer. This is a disease from the kitchen that is extremely common in today’s life in Vietnamese families.

In particular, the burnt residue left after frying food for the first time is extremely dangerous, not visible to the naked eye. This is the causative agent of human diseases, especially cancer, while many Vietnamese think it’s safe because they can’t see the residue.

3. Seasoning foods that are too salty

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Lan Viet (Chairman of the Vietnam Heart Association) said that Vietnamese people have a habit of eating salty foods that need to be corrected.

3 cooking habits create opportunities for carcinogens to

For example, when boiling vegetables, we add a little salt to make the green vegetables more flavorful. Eating boiled vegetables is a must have a cup of dipping sauce next to it. Many people Also very fond of very salty dishes for rice meals such as pickles, salted eggplant, salted fish, braised fish, braised meat…

This is the cause of the sharp increase in blood pressure in recent years. In particular, hypertension is the most feared enemy of cardiovascular disease.

According to estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2017, more than 541,000 Vietnamese died, of which non-communicable diseases accounted for 76%, leading to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. , cancer, osteoporosis, gout… In particular, stomach cancer must be mentioned.

Seasoning foods that are too salty without knowing it puts the whole family at risk of cancer and a host of chronic diseases. This is a habit housewives should change as soon as possible.

9 easy-to-follow kitchen habits to maintain a healthy, disease-free life

– When cooking, if you want to reduce saltiness, the cook should taste the food before adding the seasoning to ensure that the right amount is added, not too much.

3 cooking habits create opportunities for carcinogens to

– In addition to salt, MSG is a sweet condiment but also contains sodium, so it is necessary to limit the use of MSG to increase the sweetness of the dish.

– Minimize the consumption of fast food, pickles, salted meat, canned fish, bacon, sausages…

Maintain a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

– Prioritize choosing fresh food instead of pre-processed daily salty dishes.

– Choose the way to cook food, should prioritize eating boiled and steamed dishes instead of dishes that need a lot of salty spices during processing such as stocking, roasting, rim… to limit daily salt intake.

– Reduce salt in cooking and food processing slowly so that the taste buds adapt gradually.

– Limit dipping fish sauce, soup powder. If dipping, it should be diluted, can add other spices such as lemon, chili, garlic to increase the taste, make up for the reduced salty taste.

– When using salt, it is recommended to use iodine containing type to prevent goiter, intellectual disability…

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