Descriptive essay of 1st grader makes parents psychologically traumatized

After being posted on social networks, many compliments have been left under this funny article.

Primary school students are often associated with “bad cry” stories because of their imagination and perspective, the way of thinking of each child is completely different, not forced into the framework like adults.

That is why each descriptive essay always attracts the curiosity of people around because the wording is so “cool”.

Recently, a mother went online to share essay of his son with the reproach: “After reading this article, I was traumatized, guys. I read and cursed, and forgot the letters.”

The essay has a beautiful title: “Night in the countryside”. However, the article contains the following content: “The night in the countryside is quiet. In the town, the whole night is noisy with cars and trains. In the countryside, I only hear the wind breathing, the bamboo whispering, the crickets rustling. There is a spoof lurking in the crowd. bluff”.

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Even after reading adult essays, they will have to slur their tongue when using a series of strong verbs and adjectives “quiet, bleep, murmur, rustle…It is known that this is a reading exercise in the Vietnamese book to help 1st grade students quickly get used to the word and read faster.

In the comments section, many parents could not help but be surprised because their children have only studied for half a semester, but they are already fluent in handwriting, beautiful handwriting and no spelling mistakes.

Some notable comments: “It must be traumatizing. Fortunately, the teacher in my child’s class was very subtle, let the children write until the end of the ‘rusty’ part to stop. No, it’s not like I’m easily asked what ‘cheap’ means, then no. know how to describe it so that it is easy for children to understand”; “Baby writes so well, every word comes out and looks like it”; “Please give me the secret to teaching children to write letters”; “Why are you so good, I can already write when I read it. My son is happy to learn to write 1 line according to the pattern.”

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