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Driving in the lane like a “robbery”, the truck driver and the consequences

Driving at a fast speed while encroaching on the lane “robbery” the white Dodge Ram pickup hit another vehicle in the opposite direction and broke its head.

Recently, a video was posted on the social network Reddit, recording the scene of a white Dodge Ram pickup truck speeding on the road, suddenly entering the opposite lane and hitting another vehicle.

Watch video:

Fortunately, the black car that was hit was able to steer to the side of the road and the driver, a girl, was not injured. But her car was also badly damaged on the front end. As for the pickup, part of the front of the truck was also broken after hitting the black SUV at a fairly high speed.

The video is currently storming the social network Reddit, many accounts using this network commenting on the unruly driving act of the pickup truck driver. Some witnesses also said that this driver caused the accident because he was using his phone to text while driving.

Although the collision did not cause any loss of life. But it’s also a warning bell for those driving inattentive. Especially using the phone while traveling at high speed.

Hoang Anh (Video: Celli579/Reddit)

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