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Due to friction when washing hands

On the morning of March 24, the Hai Phong Department of Education and Training said that the case of a female student at Nguyen Hue High School (Kien Thuy district, Hai Phong) was beaten by a schoolmate until she fainted and had to be hospitalized due to a dispute while she was in school. Hand washing.

According to the Department’s report, during recess on the 2nd period on the afternoon of March 22, Pham Tran Ngoc L. (class 10C5) and Vu Thi Dieu L. (class 11B2) clashed and exchanged words while washing hands. Discovering the incident, the school administrator intervened and asked the students to return to class.

After class (at 16:55 on the same day), the two female students arranged to meet outside the school to resolve the conflict that led to the fight.

Both are being treated at the hospital. In which, Ngoc L. was treated at Viet Tiep Friendship Hospital, and Dieu L. was at Kien Thuy District Hospital.

Hai Phong female student was beaten and fainted: Due to a dispute while washing hands - 1

Nguyen Hue High School – where two female students study.

On the evening of March 22, the Principal of Nguyen Hue High School contacted the homeroom teacher and the student administration department to verify the information and requested to convene a meeting at the beginning of the next working day (March 23). The principal presided over the meeting with stakeholders, but the parents of the two girls were absent because they had to take care of their children in the hospital.

During the meeting, the school asked the students involved to write a report of the incident. Representatives of the management board and homeroom teachers came to the hospital to visit the students’ health and encourage their families. The school also cooperates with local authorities and Nui Do town police to clarify.

The Department of Education and Training assessed that this was a case related to school violence and school safety, so it proposed to the People’s Committee of Kien Thuy district to direct the authorities to continue to clarify the nature of the incident.

On the evening of March 22, the social network shared the content of Ms. TT’s reflection on the fact that her daughter was beaten by a group of students, with a picture of her being treated at the hospital.

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