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Fly with a hot air balloon

'Get on Ha Noi 2022' - Hanoi welcomes the tourist year 2022
Hanoi welcomes the 2022 tourism year with the Hot Air Balloon Program. (Photo: Thanh Ha)

As part of the series of activities of the event “Get on Hanoi 2022” – a major event of the Hanoi Tourism industry in March 2022, announcing the plan & restarting domestic & international tourism activities in the capital city. Hanoi, March 25, at the Red River, Long Bien district, Hanoi Department of Tourism will coordinate with VMG to organize a program to fly with hot air balloons.

Pham Anh Tuan – Deputy General Director of VMG said: “The flight program will include 22 large, colorful and beautiful hot air balloons soaring high like spring flowers in full bloom. floating in the sky of the capital. This is the first time in Vietnam that the largest number of hot air balloons have been flown at the same time to create a beautiful image for the public to see. Hopefully this will be an annual activity to serve the people of the capital and help Hanoi’s youth develop the hot air balloon club here.”

“The difference of this hot air balloon show is that all the pilots and technicians who operate the balloons are domestic and are members of the Vietnam Balloon Club (VBC) under VMG. . Hot air balloon pilots have over 2,000 hours of suspension and hundreds of hours of freestyle. The technicians also had more than 200 hours of performances with level 1 hot air balloons,” added Mr. Pham Anh Tuan.

In this program, the Hanoi Department of Tourism will coordinate with VMG to launch a new tourism product chain of Hanoi in 2022, including 3 types of tourism products with hot air balloons: “Flying experiences with hot air balloons” Bridge to see Hanoi from above”, “Get on Hanoi – Night Dreams” and “Let’s visit the inside of the hot air balloon”, lasting from March 25-27.

Hanoi welcomes tourism year 2022: Flying with hot air balloons
“The night of the hot air balloons Get on Hanoi – Night Dreams” will be a special night of the lanterns. (Source: PAT)

The special highlight – “Flying experience with hot air balloons to see Hanoi from above” – ​​is a very interesting experience when the giant multi-colored hot air balloon takes off and flies slowly high in the clear sky. green and poetic Red River flows gently, with high-rise buildings, beautiful new streets, lush green trees full of life… Due to the spatial condition of the performance venue in the inner city, the hot air balloon will fly suspended at a height of no more than 50m according to international standards and fixed in place, not moving.

Meanwhile, “Get on Hanoi – Night Dreams” will be special and exciting with 22 hot air balloons set up on the grass field shining brightly like 22 giant colorful lanterns silhouetted against each other. Red River, making the thousand-year-old river become fanciful and shimmering like never before. The flickering light emitted from the splendid hot air balloons on the background of youthful world music, like an inviting dance, makes visitors’ feet also dance to the music, as if to welcome everyone to Hanoi. . The night of hot air balloons is expected to open at 19:00 on Saturday, March 26, 2022, also at the same location.

Another tourist product that also makes people interesting is to visit the inside of the hot air balloon. The multi-colored hot air balloon placed on the ground will be inflated like a giant fabric house. Never before have the hot air balloons often seen flying overhead, associated with childhood dreams, the symbol of dreams so close and cute. Children, everyone can hold a hot air balloon in their hands and freely take selfies, enjoying the innocence of childhood.



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