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Forced by her mother-in-law to give birth vaginally to save money, her husband hanged himself after giving birth

Many people often say that the entrance to the delivery room is a magic mirror of marriage, because here it is possible to find out whether the man loves his wife or not. Indeed, when standing in front of the “door of death”, if it receives the attention of her husband, it is a woman’s boundless happiness, otherwise it may be the beginning of separation.

But for Tieu Tue (who lives in China), maybe she made a mistake at first because she got married too hastily. She said that she and her husband met through blind dates, as neither of them were young, they soon married at the insistence of their parents when the two had not known each other for a long time.

After marriage, Tieu Tue and her husband lived with her mother-in-law and the relationship between them was not very harmonious. The mother-in-law is a frugal person, even if the daughter-in-law pregnant He also never bought food to nourish his body. Seeing Tieu Tue buying his own supplements, he was also dissatisfied, saying that he just needed to eat more, there was no need to spend money on those things.

Mother-in-law was forced to give birth normally to save money, after giving birth, her husband did stupid things - 1

When she was pregnant, Tieu Tue bought food for herself, but her mother-in-law was not satisfied. (Illustration)

Fortunately, Tieu Tue’s pregnancy was quite smooth, without any major problems. But when the due date was near, the doctor said that the baby’s head was too big, so he suggested that the expectant mother undergo a cesarean section to ensure the safety of both mother and child.

However, her mother-in-law said that cesarean delivery was several thousand yuan more expensive than vaginal delivery, so she insisted on forcing her daughter-in-law to give birth naturally. As for the pregnant woman’s husband, he listened to his mother’s arrangements without saying a word, leaving Tieu Tue very heartbroken as it turned out that his life wasn’t even worth a few thousand yuan.

After more than 20 hours of labor, Tieu Sel finally managed to “go through labor”, giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. A woman who has just given birth is still very weak, but her mother-in-law holding her granddaughter is not warm enough to urge her son to undergo the discharge procedure immediately, saying that after giving birth, it is the same. home or stay in hospital. Once again, the husband obeyed his mother.

Mother-in-law was forced to give birth naturally to save money, after giving birth, her husband did stupid things - 2

After 10 hours of work, Tieu Sel finally “passed through labor” successfully. Illustration

Things didn’t stop there, Tieu Tue’s time in confinement wasn’t easy either. After giving birth, women should focus on eating and resting to nourish their bodies as well as having milk to breastfeed, but when they came home to stay at home, the mother-in-law still gave her daughter-in-law very sparingly. diet. some nutrients. He said that having children would require a lot of expenses, so it was necessary to save as much as possible.

Seeing his wife eating and drinking was very sad, but the husband still didn’t know, making Tieu Sel very sad. Going through so much, she also clearly saw her husband’s face, so after a period of confinement, she filed for divorce from her husband, determined to hug her children and leave. At this time, the husband repeatedly apologized to his wife, begged her not to leave him, even threatened that if he left, he would hang himself.

Mother-in-law forced normal birth to save money, after giving birth, her husband did stupid things - 3

Tieu Tue’s husband hanged himself when his wife asked for a divorce. Illustration

Thinking that her husband had just threatened her, Tieu Tue was still “tied up” and left. But what she didn’t expect was that her husband had really done something stupid. When her mother-in-law found out, her husband was no longer breathing. After her son died, the mother-in-law blamed all the blame on her daughter-in-law, thinking that she had caused her son’s death, so she wanted him to pay for her life. It is not clear how it was resolved after that.

How dangerous is natural childbirth when the baby’s head is too big?

Doctors often recommend pregnant women to give birth naturally because this method has many health benefits for both mother and baby, such as faster recovery of the mother’s body, better baby’s immune system, etc. However, not all pregnancies are normal.

For example, if the head or baby is too big, a cesarean section is the best option. Because, in the process of vaginal delivery, perineal dilation is a very important factor in delivering the baby, but this dilation also has certain limits.

If you insist on natural childbirth in this case, the delivery will be very difficult, lead to tearing of the perineum, affecting the health of the mother. Even babies can suffocate if the labor process is prolonged.

In addition, a number of other cases where a normal delivery had to be switched to a cesarean section include:

– The mother’s health is good but the amniotic fluid is depleted

– Maternal fatigue due to prolonged labor

– During labor, uterine contractions suddenly stopped, labor pains stopped

– There are signs of obstetric complications such as preeclampsia, uterine rupture, etc.

– The fetus is short of breath because the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck

– Fetal failure during labor.

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