Hospitalized for working 16 hours a day continuously, there is a way to spend money that everyone respects

Salary 2.8 billion/year, in the top 10% of the richest people in Singapore. That is the story of Mr. Nguyen Kien Truc Giang (born in 1986), who is currently working at Wilmar Group – one of the 6 largest corporations in Singapore.

If talking about this guy’s success, it can only be summed up with the phrase “work like a buffalo”.

The Vietnamese guy earns 2.8 billion/year, the salary is in the top 10% of the highest in Singapore: Hospitalized for working 16 hours a day continuously, has a way to spend money that everyone respects - Photo 1.

It was a period of many years that Truc Giang studied and worked continuously for 16 hours/day. Giang was hospitalized because of overwork, lost 8 kg during 4 months of work. Until now, when he is rich (and stronger), Truc Giang believes that “diligence” is the biggest thing he has created for this success.

Alone in Singapore at the age of 18, working 16 hours a day

During his middle school days, Giang was quite thin and dark, walking a few kilometers every day alone to go to school. In high school, Truc Giang passed the entrance exam to specialize in Chemistry at Tien Giang High School for the Gifted.

Because of his outstanding academic ability, in 11th grade, Giang was selected to participate in the national competition for excellent students, then won the second prize and was admitted directly to the university. But he chose not to go to university in Vietnam so that he could pursue another cherished dream, which is to study abroad.

“At that time, my only thought was to strive for the learning path, because knowledge is invaluable. Fortunately, my mother is always beside me to encourage me: Just keep trying, don’t miss the opportunity, only then can you change your life.”Giang remembers that time.

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With his efforts, Mr. Giang was admitted to 2 National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. Because of his family’s tradition in the field of Medicine and Pharmacy, Giang chose to study Biomedicine at Nanyang Technological University.

Alone in Singapore, at first, Mr. Giang faced many obstacles and difficulties, first in terms of language, then economic problems. Anh Giang shared: “The school gives a fixed amount of money for living, but it’s not much, so it’s enough to save money. So I have to eat a lot of instant noodles.

I keep in touch with my family by email. At that time, social media was not as popular as it is now. Phone charges are very expensive, every month, I only spend money to buy a card worth 20 SGD (currently nearly 330 thousand VND) to call my mother a phone call for about 10 minutes.”

With a living allowance of 300 SGD/month, Giang had to pay 160 SGD for dormitory room, the rest was for meals and other expenses. Giang’s life was very difficult at this stage.

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When he was about 20 years old, while studying at university, Mr. Giang had to spend a lot of time working, sometimes working 12, 14 to 16 hours or even 18 hours. In the last year of university, in order to save money for himself, Giang was determined to graduate and graduate early. In just one semester, he completed 37 credits of the entire 4th year, to graduate from the University early in 3.5 years.

Truc Giang received a first-class degree at the age of 20, and was awarded a scholarship by Nanyang Technological University to study directly for a doctorate, majoring in Biomedicine. He studied for a doctorate at the age of 20, then at the age of 25 finished defending his doctoral thesis.

When asked about his journey, Mr. Giang confided: “Industry is the important thing. Intelligence only contributes 5%, the remaining 95% is effort. Because intelligence is relative. Friends always say that he is a diamond buffalo, study very well”.

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Income 2.8 billion VND/year, working in a large corporation

He got a job as a teaching assistant for professors right from the first year of his doctoral studies with a salary of 40 SGD/hour (nearly 680 thousand VND/hour), 2,500 SGD/month. However, Mr. Giang still keeps the habit of working 7 days a week, working 14 hours a day and always catching the last bus back home at 12:30 pm.

Thanks to his unremitting efforts, 25-year-old Mr. Giang became one of the youngest people in Vietnam to obtain a doctorate at Nanyang Technological University. During his PhD, he spent time researching medicinal plants (ginseng) when he discovered a compound that protects the heart.

Thanks to that project and discovery, Truc Giang was also introduced by his mentor to a new opportunity, a joint project between the National University of Singapore and Wilmar Corporation with a funding cost of up to 100 million USD. He is the leader of the group of specialists in enzyme and protein research, directly creating this program, where he is also the youngest group leader of the group.

In addition, he also owns 25 scientific papers published in famous journals and 7 patents. His salary is also currently in the top 10% of Singapore, a rather large number equivalent to about 2.8 billion / year.

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As a young person, but holding an important responsibility in the corporation, sometimes Mr. Giang also finds it extremely difficult, especially how to deal with people younger than him. He shared: There will be people who are not convinced, so I have to prove it by my ability and diligence to convince. But then after a while, people change their attitudes because of their working attitude, diligence, hard work, and extensive knowledge. That’s not saying day one, day two will be done.”

Currently, Mr. Giang feels that he is one of the smartest people in the company.

Trying so hard to the point of being hospitalized because of exhaustion, losing 8 kg immediately

When he went to university, with intense studying from 9 am to 2 pm, including Saturdays and Sundays, Giang lost 8 kg, coughed a lot, his face was pale, to the point that he had to be hospitalized for depression. exhausted.

The guy shared: “When I went to the hospital, the doctor initially diagnosed me with tuberculosis. It was really shocking. But fortunately, after the doctor did the tests, the results came back negative.” Up to now, financially stable, he has adjusted his working mode to be more reasonable.

Talking about his work and career journey, Truc Giang also gives advice to young people: “Try to do as many things as possible. If you do well, you will have the trust of your boss and colleagues, and you will advance very quickly. When you go to work, you must remember that your boss hires you to solve your problems. them, not to create new problems.

You always complain about how to work like this, after assigning the job, just hide it, people will have a negative view. You should actively apply for the job, do not ask for benefits, then the boss will surely recognize the ability to think, and the effort will definitely pay off.”

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Salary is 2.8 billion/year, he also doesn’t spend too much money, will save it for his sister and mother. My mother likes to go to charity like building bridges, for poor students… He always appreciates the value of money and the fruits of his labor. Previously, every year, Mr. Giang returned to his hometown to visit his mother at least 3 times. There are two occasions when he always goes there, the Lunar New Year and his mother’s birthday. But because of the epidemic, he has not been able to return home for a year.

His wish is to devote to science, work for about 10-12 years and then return to open a farm in Da Lat to enjoy life. English-language-co-cach-tieu-tien-tieu-tien-cuong-ne-phuc-20220324071839214.chn?fbclid=IwAR1KsUdSSLSwjmQ1oRk5F3DhotGBWLpub89mTywhzfkN1NAzJ5ZUp2lL-AQ

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