Hẹn hòTâm sự

I am wise, calm

Maybe I spent most of my time studying and working hard, so when I was young, I don’t know when, when I turned around, I was 30 years old.

I was born and raised in Phu Yen, lived and worked in Saigon for more than 10 years, was an office worker, worked in education, worked office hours. I have a calm personality, independent, wise, emotional, positive thinking and care about others.

I have a normal face, long black hair, 1.52 m tall, neither thin nor fat. Like many people, in my spare time I have several hobbies like reading, jogging, watching movies, listening to music…

I hope that through the forums, I can find my other “half” and build a happy family together. Hope he lives responsibly, sincere, serious in love and knows how to love his family.


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