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If aliens have crashed on Earth, where are the bodies? The 3 most suspicious places


If aliens have crashed on Earth, where are the bodies?  The 3 most suspicious places - Photo 1.

Dead aliens are “stored” underground in America? Photo: Nick Redfern

When it comes to the mysteries of space people, many people immediately think of the question of whether or not the US is hiding and preserving alien bodies found from UFOs that have fallen to Earth.

Stories about UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) have never been short of telling. The only problem is how authentic these stories are.

Among those interested in the subject, there is one man who persistently pursues and digs deeper than anyone else into the suspicions of UFOs and dead aliens, that is the house. study the late Leonard Stringfield.

Between the 1970s and the 1990s, he gathered countless stories and reports of UFOs. The stories he compiled show an astonishing number of recorded cases.

However, it should be noted that “recorded cases” do not mean they are factual evidence. However, it is undeniable that Stringfield worked very hard; although questionable, sources bearing his name are now readily available for study. With the exception of a few fabrications, almost everything he included in the study can be found today.

Stringfield is not only curious about the stories of alien deaths, but he is also determined to find out where their bodies may be hidden.


If aliens have crashed on Earth, where are the bodies?  The 3 most suspicious places - Photo 2.

The doors lead to NORAD. This photo was taken by an American employee. This place is in the public domain. Photo: Mysterious Universe

Considering Stringfield’s studies, it becomes clear that most of the alien bodies are thought to have been hidden underground. But, where exactly is underground? There are several possible hypotheses put forward. One of them is NORAD – North American Aerospace Defense Command.

A NORAD representative once said: “Over the past three decades, countries have developed advanced capabilities across multiple fields to challenge us at home and in many other persistent competitions. The new NORAD and USNORTHCOM will chart a clear path for the US and Canada to protect North America and protect our nation’s critical infrastructure.”

NORAD has many underground facilities and its equipment is hidden in a mountain. Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt, UFO researchers, have published an interesting article on the subject of NORAD.

The article cited an insider from a former NORAD employee who had the opportunity to view some top-secret documents: “During the computerization of some files, he came across a document containing labeled ‘USAAF (U.S. Air Force) Early Automation’ The file mentions the recovery of several small bodies and attached black and white photographs of them, he said. may be small in stature, no more than four or five feet tall [từ 1,2m đến 1,6m] with a big head.”

If aliens have crashed on Earth, where are the bodies?  The 3 most suspicious places - Photo 3.

The map of Area 51 is described in declassified CIA documents released through the CREST program (Source: Commons).

Here are some pictures of the world’s most “famous secret” base, possibly where alien remains are hidden.

Let’s first take a look at Area 51. In an article titled “How Area 51 Works,” Jonathan Strickland and Patrick J. Kiger write: “Some people think what you can see. seen on the surface is actually only a small part of the actual facility, they believe that the buildings above ground are the tip of an underground labyrinth-like base Others argue that the facility There are 40 stories underground and it’s connected via underground rail lines to other locations in Los Alamos, White Sands and Los Angeles.”

There is no doubt that Area 51 – with its many underground areas and tight security 24/7 – would be the ideal place to store alien bodies (if they really exist).

If aliens have crashed on Earth, where are the bodies?  The 3 most suspicious places - Photo 4.

Is Utah’s Dugway Laboratory also a secret base for storing alien remains? Photo: Nick Redfern

Another location is the DPG laboratory in Wyoming, USA – which is perhaps even more secret than the aforementioned Area 51. Located less than 90 miles from Salt Lake City, the DPG occupies most of Utah’s Great Salt Lake desert. This establishment dates back to the 1940s.

In early February 1942, following the events of Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt approved an executive order handing over 100 acres to the War Department (more than 400,000 square feet).2) land of Utah – which is currently the DPG laboratory. The War Department not only built bases, but also built bunkers and facilities of considerable size.

In a thread on the website Above Top Secret, one user said they had heard about “stories about facilities being built south of Wendover, Nevada, USA where it is west of the DPG and It’s a very remote area. There are stories of a 17-story underground building being built there.”

Other comments speculated about massive and deep tunnels linking the DPG Laboratory with various military facilities based in Utah. Former employees at the DPG have told of the giant elevators that brought people down to the lower floors of the underground base.

According to them, there are at least 8 floors below the ground, all of which are used for high-level work and are capable of withstanding a nuclear attack, even a direct attack. next.

All of these locations would be the perfect base to hide one or more sets of crushed alien bodies – and, possibly, have been hidden for decades. Surely there will be people who agree with this theory. However, in this vague field called “Ufology” (the science of UFOs), we can’t be sure of anything unless it is verified and verified. 20220321095833969.htm

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