Japan won super suffocatingly, officially won the World Cup ticket, giving a chance to Vietnam Tel

“Too black”, that is probably the best reflection of the Japanese team in the first half on Australia’s field.

Saying the Japanese team was unlucky is because they created a lot of delicious opportunities, made extremely methodical attacks and finishes, but twice, they were denied a goal by the crossbar, when the line Australia’s defense, including goalkeeper Ryan, was completely defeated.

To be fair, the Japanese team had a very good match. They played calmly and determinedly away from home. As usual, Minamino is still the most prominent player on the Blue Samurai side. The star of the Liverpool shirt continuously had the opportunity to “finish” Australia, but the god of luck kept turning his back on him.

In the middle of the first half, Minamino had a “circus” phase in the Australian penalty box. This striker made two extremely delicate swings in succession to eliminate all Australian defenders, but unfortunately his shot sent the ball wide of the post. If that finish turns into a goal, it will certainly be an exemplary masterpiece.

Japan won a super-suffocating victory, officially won the World Cup ticket, giving a chance to Vietnam Tel - Photo 1.

The Japanese team was too unlucky in the first half.

A few minutes later, Minamino again picked up the ball from the right wing, he bounced high and headed extremely dangerously, making the Australian goalkeeper completely helpless. However, the ball bounced off the crossbar but refused to fly into the net.

Not long after that, it was still Minamino who picked up the horizontal line on the left wing of Nagatomo, the star of the Liverpool staff made a very quick cushion, but like the last time, the ball hit the crossbar and bounced off, but refused to accept it. fly into the net.

It must be said that during the first half, Japan dominated compared to Australia. The most remarkable situation that the home team created was just one shot into the Japanese net but the goal was disallowed because a yellow shirt striker fouled goalkeeper Gonda. If the Japanese team were luckier, they would probably have scored at least 2 goals against their opponents in Oceania.

The match after the break was still in favor of Japan. The dynamic, fast-paced midfield helps Japan create many dangerous situations on the ball. Meanwhile, Australia’s dispute was more fierce, but that did not stop the “blue Samurai”.

Minamino, Asano, Ueda, Ito continuously shot but the goal still did not come to Japan. By the 89th minute, the score was still 0-0 and perhaps, all fans thought of a draw for both teams.

However, in the end that scenario did not happen. The climax of the match came in the last few minutes and Japan, after so many chances, enjoyed a burst of emotions.

In the 90th minute, Yamane escaped and passed a very favorable pass for the substitute Mitoma to cushion the ball close to the net to net Australia. This goal was the result of Japan’s tireless offensive efforts.

In the 90+4 minute, Japan put an end to Australia with the second goal, in the context that the home team was completely dismayed. Mitoma made a spectacular solo shot from the left edge, passing three Australian defenders before finishing so powerfully that Ryan could not hold the ball, fixing a 2-0 victory for Japan.

Japan won a super-suffocating victory, officially won the World Cup ticket, giving a chance to Vietnam Tel - Photo 2.

The joy of the Japanese team.

With a final 2-0 victory, Japan officially won tickets to the 2022 World Cup. They also temporarily surpassed Saudi Arabia to take the top spot with 21 points after 9 matches. In contrast, Australia will have to hold on to the opportunity by competing for the play-off spot.

The fact that Japan officially won tickets early before 1 round also opened an opportunity for the Vietnamese team. In the final turn, it is possible that Japan will confront Vietnam with a reserve team and then, coach Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students have more or less chances to win points in the land of Phu Tang.

Final score: Australia 0-2 Japan

Starting lineup:

Australia: Ryan, Grant, Sainsbury, Degenek, Metcalfe, King, Stensness, Boyle, Hrustic, Mabil, Duke

Japan: Gonda, Yamane, Itakura, Yoshida, Nagatomo, Endo, Ito, Tanaka, Morita, Minamino, Asano

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