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Join hands to build a business development ecosystem

Remove difficulties and improve the efficiency of state-owned enterprises

With the theme “Continuing innovating, improving operational efficiency, mobilizing resources of state-owned enterprises in socio-economic development”, today (March 24), the Conference “Prime Minister” with State-owned Enterprises” took place in Hanoi under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.

The conference was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the General Director of more than 40 corporations, State corporations, state-owned enterprises and was connected online with 63 provinces and cities across the country.

Join hands to build a business development ecosystem - Photo 1.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chaired the conference. (Photo: VNA)

By the beginning of 2021, the whole country has about 500 enterprises with 100% charter capital held by the state and nearly 200 enterprises in which the state holds controlling shares.

Although accounting for only a small percentage, 100% state-owned enterprises are holding about 7% of total assets of all enterprises in the market and accounting for nearly 26% of total production and business capital.

State-owned enterprises have a dominant role in a number of important sectors and fields of the economy such as oil and gas, electricity, finance, banking, telecommunications, and transport infrastructure. Although many important and positive results have been achieved, up to now, the state-owned enterprise sector has not shown its position well, and has not been able to perform its role of leading and motivating the economy. economic.

At the proposal of the Prime Minister, the opinions focused on discussing, clarifying and frankly pointing out the difficulties, limitations, obstacles and bottlenecks that need to be removed, and at the same time raised many recommendations and proposals. solutions to improve the operational efficiency of state-owned enterprises.

Join hands to build a business development ecosystem

After spending a whole day listening to 24 enthusiastic, responsible and quality opinions expressed by representatives of state-owned enterprises, leaders of departments, ministries, branches and localities, concluding the Conference, Prime Minister Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh emphasized that the renovation and improvement of the operational efficiency of state-owned enterprises have received great concern and concern from leaders of the Party, State, Government and Prime Minister over the years.

One of the key tasks mentioned by the Prime Minister is to join hands in building a business development ecosystem, building a healthy business development environment, fair competition, responsibility, gratitude and humanity. , efficient and corruption free.

Join hands to build a business development ecosystem - Photo 2.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh speaks at the conference. (Photo: VNA)

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh once again emphasized the role, position and importance of state-owned enterprises, affirming that this is an important material force of the state economy.

After more than 35 years of renovation, state-owned enterprises have made important contributions to the cause of national construction and defense, contributing to the great and historically significant achievements of our country.

State-owned enterprises also perform missions that private enterprises and FDI enterprises have not been able to participate in, especially in remote, border and island areas, related to security and defense; carry out political tasks assigned by the Party and State, create more jobs, make active and responsible contributions to social security work and epidemic prevention work.

The Prime Minister shared with the concerns of the delegates at the conference, that the development of state-owned enterprises is not commensurate with what it already has, has not grown, and has not been able to do some things despite its ability to do. In the past 5 years, there have been no major projects invested by state-owned enterprises; many state-owned enterprises have not been pioneers in digital transformation and innovation; investment resources are decreasing; institutions and mechanisms and policies still have many problems and need to be resolved; efforts to promote and consolidate the role and position of state-owned enterprises of state agencies are not high and comprehensive; State management, personnel organization, policies, legal environment… still have many shortcomings and are not suitable for the market economy.

In the coming time, identifying more difficulties and challenges than opportunities and advantages, the Prime Minister suggested that state-owned enterprises continue to unite, unify and join hands with the entire Party, army and people to maintain independence. establishment, sovereignty, territorial integrity, social order and safety, political stability, effectively and efficiently contributing to the building of a socialist-oriented market economy institution; in particular, contributing to building an independent, self-reliant economy, deepening international integration, substantive and effective, maintaining macroeconomic stability, ensuring great balances and always being sensitive and flexible active and adaptable to all conditions.

The Prime Minister suggested that state-owned enterprises must play a pioneering role in innovation and development of science and technology, contributing to building an advanced culture imbued with national identity, corporate culture, and ethics. business ethics…; In difficult jobs, in difficult places, private enterprises, FDI enterprises have not had the conditions to do, state enterprises must participate.

Regarding goals, the Prime Minister suggested that in the coming years, state-owned enterprises must inherit and promote the effects achieved in the past years to create positive, fast and sustainable development. must create breakthrough development, large corporations must be “steel fists”, contribute more to the state budget and improve the material and spiritual life of employees next year higher than the previous year. The Prime Minister agreed with the 8 tasks and solutions in the report at the Conference, and emphasized some key contents.

The Prime Minister asked to strengthen decentralization and stronger decentralization to improve the responsibility, autonomy and self-reliance of state-owned enterprises, coupled with reasonable resource allocation and control tools. and strengthen inspection and supervision, creating space for innovation and development.

The Government, ministries, branches and localities must have a mechanism to place orders, assign specific and clear tasks, and closely coordinate with enterprises to implement; at the same time, mobilizing resources of enterprises in economic development, assigning investment in infrastructure works and enterprises must also propose to do key historical works.

The Prime Minister suggested that state-owned enterprises pay more attention to cadres, human resources, Party work, apparatus building, administrative reform; attach importance to inspection, supervision and prevention of corruption and negativity; attach importance to brand building and communication work; at the same time, focus on solving the backlog and weak jobs that have lasted for many years.

Regarding the recommendations, the Prime Minister assessed that they were all valid recommendations, and suggested that the Government Office and the Ministry of Planning and Investment gather and include them in the upcoming Resolution.

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