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Knowing how to disconnect this part in pomelo flowers makes the dish delicious and precious

Thursday, March 24, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

A lot of people complain because they can’t make the dish with delicious and luxurious pomelo flowers like a restaurant. That’s because they used grapefruit flowers in the wrong way, forgetting to remove this part of the flower, reducing a lot of essence.

How to choose and prepare pomelo flowers

First, you must know how to choose fresh, clean, organic grapefruit flowers, picked the same day. Priority should be given to choosing flowers that are just budding, clear white, sturdy, large, fresh because they are round, so they keep the most fragrance.

Avoid choosing flower petals that are too bent – because those are flowers that have bloomed from the previous day, the scent does not save much.

Also do not choose flowers on a rainy day because the petals are bruised and full of water, so they lose their scent.

Knowing how to cut this part in pomelo flowers makes the dish delicious and precious - 1

Grapefruit flowers can make many delicious and delicate dishes. Illustration.

The secret to the delicious, cool and luxurious dishes from pomelo flowers lies in the preliminary processing of pomelo flowers. If there are pomelo flowers picked early in the morning, it is the most precious, because then the fragrance is the most fragrant.

If you buy pomelo flowers, they will go home and process them right away. Only take the petals, also remove all the leaves, stalks, and pistils – because these parts are full of water, if you add them, it will make the dish bitter. If the tea is marinated, it will easily rot, and if left for a long time, it will be moldy. Even if you forget to remove the pistil leaves, the syrup will be bitter and harder to drink.

That’s it, just need to know how to cut the pistil, flower stalk and leaves, only take each pomelo petal to process, the dish will be delicious and precious.

Then wash grapefruit petals with boiling water to cool, mixed with a little salt. Wash the petals gently so that the petals are not crushed, and the fragrance is preserved. Then rinse with boiled water to cool again to reduce the salinity, take out the basket to drain.

Pomelo petals are made with many delicious dishes such as marinating tapioca starch, distilling pomelo flower essential oil, cooking tea, tofu, making cakes… and a special, simple and loving gift of Hanoians is sugar cane marinated with pomelo flowers.

Here’s how to make some delicious, cool and luxurious dishes from grapefruit flowers:

How to make grapefruit essential oil syrup

The main ingredients are pomelo flowers and sugar.

Prepare a clean glass jar/jar, rinse with boiling water and then turn upside down to dry.

In turn, give 1 layer of pomelo flowers and 1 layer of sugar alternately in the ratio 1:1 (can give more sugar), and on top should be covered with a layer of sugar. Close the lid tightly and store the jar/jar of pomelo flower sugar in a cool, clean place.

After 10-15 days, grapefruit flower essential oil is secreted, mixed with sugar to form grapefruit flower syrup and has a slightly bitter taste (which is grapefruit flower oil), which is very good for clearing colds and clearing heat.

Filter the water to remove the residue, take the syrup and pour it into a bottle/lo and store it in the refrigerator for year-round use for tea, tofu, and drinking water.

Knowing how to disconnect this part in pomelo flowers makes the dish delicious and precious - 3

Grapefruit juice is used as food and drink all year round. Illustration.

Grapefruit flowers marinated in honey


– Pure wild honey.

– Grapefruit flower (less than honey – to get the scent and essential oil from grapefruit flower).


Put pomelo flowers in a clean glass jar, pour honey into it and soak for 7-10 days, then the flowers will shrink. The petals can be removed, or left in a jar, and then placed in the refrigerator to use gradually. Honey soaked grapefruit flower has the effect of treating sore throat and sputum. Or use warm water, make tea are very good.

Sugarcane marinated with pomelo flowers

This is a unique, cool and memorable dish of Hanoians.

Method 1 do the following:

– 1 shiny purple sugarcane, heavy-handed, not too old, but not too young. The most tender and juicy is the cane in the middle of the tree.

Peel sugar cane, cut into pieces, put in the box.

– 1 bunch of pomelo flowers about 200g, cleaned, mixed in a box of sugar cane to flavor.

Method 2:

– Peel the sugarcane, turn it into small pieces, then cut into quarters to eat, put in a zip bag or box.

– Spread a layer of sugarcane and then layer of pomelo petals until the end.

– Cover the box, put in the refrigerator to cool for about 1 hour, then remove to eat. The gentle scent of grapefruit flowers is deeply ingrained with the sweet taste of sugarcane to create a sweet, delicate aftertaste, a very pleasant cool feeling.

Sugar cane with pomelo flowers

The raw materials are still sugar cane and pomelo flowers.

Add clean water.

Sugarcane is also chopped into 4 pieces to taste, put in a bowl, 1 layer of sugarcane interspersed with 1 layer of pomelo petals until the end.

Pour clean water to invade (the old tools used to use natural rain water), close the lid, then put the bowl in a pot of water, simmer for 30-35 minutes, then turn off the stove and just let it braise in the pot so that the sugarcane and grapefruit flavor blends in. each other more deeply.

Sugar cane with sweet and fragrant pomelo flowers is a delicious, elegant, and delicate dish of Hanoians to enjoy with romantic tea.

Grapefruit flowers marinated with cassava

Tapioca is one of the popular summer drinks that will be more fragrant if marinated with grapefruit flowers.

Tapioca flour after drying, or drying reaches 80%, then start picking pomelo flowers.

After being dried in the sun, tapioca is put in a plastic bag.

Grapefruit flowers, after being washed and dried, put them in a bag of cassava, tied tightly.

Grapefruit flowers marinated with cassava must also separate the petals from the calyx and pistil (so as not to be bitter and damage the pure white of the tapioca).

Mix grapefruit petals with tapioca flour, dry or further dry until it is dry enough. The scent of pomelo flowers will blend into each fragrant white cassava ball for a long time.

Fresh pomelo flowers should not be added to dried tapioca, because it will cause the tapioca to be moldy.

Tofu with pomelo flower

A simple bowl of too pho made from white soybeans, added jelly, delicious coconut pearls, mixed with sweet grapefruit-flavored sugar water, really touches people’s hearts.

Grapefruit flower sugar water has a way of making it not too complicated. You prepare a clean glass jar, spread a layer of fresh grapefruit flowers (washed) underneath and then a layer of sugar covered. Keep doing this until the bottle is full, then put it away. Wait for the sugar to dissolve, add it to the sugar water and mix it with the tofu.

Grapefruit flavored drift cake

On the 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month every year, there is a real Korean New Year, Vietnamese people often make vegetarian cakes to eat. The Korean New Year is really in the season of pomelo flowers, so the floating cake is fragrant with the scent of grapefruit flowers.

The steps of making vegetarian floating cakes are as traditional.

The only difference is that the boiled water is cooked with pomelo flowers.

The finished product has a sweet, fresh, and very delicious grapefruit flower flavor.

Lotus seed tea, pomelo flower

– 700g longan or canoe longan (choose the type with thick rice)

– 60g dried or fresh lotus seeds

– 150g of rock sugar, a few young and fresh grapefruit leaves, a few grapefruit flowers that have just bloomed.

Peel the label (use the sharp end of a small knife to separate the seeds carefully so as not to tear, because a big tear will not allow the lotus seeds to enter.

Wash lotus seeds, remove lotus heart.

Wash grapefruit leaves and flowers.

Put lotus seeds, flowers and grapefruit leaves in a pot of boiling water for 30-40 minutes until the lotus seeds are soft but not crushed, and the grapefruit also has a fragrance but not bitter.

Discard the leaves and flowers of the pomelo.

Melt the rock sugar with a little water in another pot and pour it into the lotus seed pot. Wait for the lotus seeds to absorb the sugar, then take the lotus seeds out of the bowl. Set the pot of sugar water aside.

Stuff the lotus seeds into the longan.

Bring the sugar water back to a boil, then put the longan with lotus seeds in it and cook for 2 minutes, then take it out, let it cool, and then put it in the fridge. Should be eaten cool and can add a few ice cubes. The finished product of lotus seeds is soft, the longan is crispy and not crushed, the tea is sweet and soft, with an elegant and delicate grapefruit scent.

Some remedies from grapefruit flowers:

Opening the heart of the province:

Grapefruit flowers and lotus flowers each 10 grams, mixed with tea, can open the heart to the spleen and stomach. Grapefruit flower 12 grams distilled with tea to help relieve gas stagnation, treat minor yawns.

Discharge phlegm, clear defecation

Grapefruit flower 4 grams, bean flower 1 bowl, ginger juice 1/2 teaspoon, rock sugar 1 teaspoon.

Wash grapefruit flowers and put them in a pot to boil for about 10 minutes, then remove the residue to get water. Add ginger juice, sugar, bean flower to boil thoroughly, then turn off the heat, scoop out and eat.

Cure stomach pain

5g pomelo flowers, 1 teaspoon of rock sugar in a pot with 200ml of water.

Boil for 5 minutes, then add sugar and cook for a while, then turn off the heat.

Take that water and use it like drinking tea every day.

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