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Little is known about the portrait photo “hated” by Princess Diana containing offensive details

On March 23, British media reported that a portrait of the late Princess Diana taken in 1986 by photographer Terence Donovan will be auctioned this month at Bonhams.

The portrait was made when the Princess turned 25, but few people know that behind this picture is an uncomfortable story for the Princess of Wales!

The portrait photo

Beautiful portrait of the late Princess Diana.

“I do not like it”

For many people, this picture is extremely perfect, depicting the noble and aristocratic beauty of Princess Diana. The royal bride was stunningly beautiful in an off-the-shoulder purple velvet dress. She combined with matching earrings with the dress to create a background image.

Princess Diana sits in a traditional pose, eyes directed towards the camera. However, according to the Daily Mail, when looking at the picture, the late Princess Diana covered her face and expressed her dissatisfaction with a frank comment: “Oh, sorry I don’t like this picture“.

Some sources said that the reason that the Princess of Wales “hated” this photo was because it was too dignified, making her aloof and lifeless, soulless. Princess Diana always wanted to have pictures depicting a part of her person, making her closer and more real, more alive in the eyes of the public.

Little is known about the portrait photo

Princess Diana always wanted to build an image close to the people.

Even so, Princess Diana does not deny that this is a striking photo. It can be said that, although the Princess of Wales is a senior member of the royal family, she never wants to create an image that is too regal. Perhaps that is why it has become one of the reasons for people to consider her as the “National Princess”.

It is known that at the time the picture was taken, Princess Diana was extremely busy with trips to many countries around the world. In 1986, Princess Diana and Prince Charles went on tours to Japan, Indonesia, Spain and Canada. In November of the same year, she went on a six-day tour to Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. This is also the time when the royal couple is suspected of being unhappy. Both had rumors of infidelity.

The picture is circulating everywhere

Although Princess Diana was not satisfied with the photo, it was still chosen by the Royal Mail to become one of the images used as a stamp collection issued in 1998 to commemorate the life and achievements of the royal family. achievements of the late Princess.

According to British media, the copyright of the photo was transferred to a charity worker in 1990. Sarah Lindberg, specialist at London Bonhams auction, said: “Photographer Terence Donovan photographed Princess Diana all three times, once in 1986 and twice in 1987.

The current owner purchased the photograph directly from the photographer prior to her visit to the Brighton Association of the Blind in 1990. The owner of the image is a huge fan of Princess Diana. She bought this picture with the purpose of getting the autograph of the royal bride.

Original autographed photographs of Diana taken by Terence Donovan are rarely sold at auction. Diana’s charm still exists even after the Princess has passed away. People still pay special attention to the stories of her life“.

Little is known about the portrait photo
Little is known about the portrait photo

The picture was used to make a stamp collection in memory of the late Princess Diana.

Many fans believe that although the picture has not yet shown the spirit of the late Princess Diana, it has also made a mark in her short life so that people can recall beautiful memories of cotton. British rose.

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