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Note when using lotus mind to treat insomnia after COVID-19-Life Health

Thursday, March 24, 2022 21:00 PM (GMT+7)

Insomnia is a sequela that many people experience after contracting COVID-19. Lotus mind is one of the herbs of Eastern medicine with sedative effect, treating insomnia, but when using it, what should be noted?

When insomnia, in addition to the use of tranquilizers of modern medicine, folk experience often uses lotus mind to treat insomnia. The following article will help you better understand the origin and specific uses of this valuable medicinal herb.

1. Uses of lotus center (linked heart)

The scientific name of the lotus heart is Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.

Modern research results show that lotus heart has the effect of lowering blood pressure through the mechanism of relaxing the smooth muscle of the blood vessel wall and reducing the vascular resistance; active prevention of arrhythmias, inhibition of platelet aggregation; antioxidant and improves myocardial ischemia (thanks to its ability to dilate blood vessel walls, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption and improve coronary circulation).

According to the concept of traditional medicine, the mind is one of the five important organs with two main functions:

– Master of the blood vessels (promote the smooth operation of blood and fluids in the blood vessels),

– Hidden spirit (mastering all physiological activities of the viscera and mental activities, consciousness and thinking of the body). Therefore, when the mind is sick, one of the common symptoms is panic easily, thinking is difficult to concentrate, memory is reduced, insomnia, sleep is not deep and many dreams.

Traditional medicine called mental restlessness and depression. This shows that, with the main intervention effect on the viscera of the mind (according to traditional medicine) and the heart (according to modern medicine), the ability to calm and nourish the mind of lotus heart is completely understandable.

Note when using lotus heart to treat insomnia after COVID-19 - 1

The lotus mind is clear, except for trouble.

The lotus heart was recorded as early as in the book Thien Phuong Dai Toan with the use of clearing the mind (removing heat in the internal organs), lowering blood pressure (lowering blood pressure), waxing crystals (keeping the essence of life strong) and only blood (controlling blood pressure). blood). The drug is often used to treat diseases such as: dizziness, lightheadedness (vertigo), heart palpitations (or palpitations, tachycardia, insomnia).

How to use it: 3g lotus heart washed, soaked with boiling water in a sealed jar, after about 15 minutes it can be used, drink instead of tea during the day.

In addition to using lotus heart in the form of medicinal tea, the book of Chinese herbal medicine also introduces another method of use, which is to make porridge with specific ingredients:

Concentration center 5g, plain rice 100g. Two things bring simmered into porridge, add a little rock sugar, divide and eat several times a day.

Uses: Clearing heat and blood, nourishing the mind and calming the mind, used to treat diseases such as weakness in the elderly, dizziness, red eyes, increased blood pressure, vomiting or coughing up blood, defecation bleeding, prolonged constipation…

2. The remedy for insomnia from the lotus heart

– Cure people who are hot-tempered and troubled, insomnia: Lotus heart 5g, apple kernel 10g, fresh jasmine flower 10g. All brewed with boiling water in a sealed vessel, drink instead of tea.

– Sleep disturbance, trouble sleeping, mind disturbance, nervousness, anxiety: 8g lotus heart, 14g resolution draft, 12g octopus, 12g black beans, 6g licorice. Sac drink during the day.

– Treatment of asthenia, bronchitis: 8g lotus heart, intention, dan skin, birth ground, white dahlia, and ginseng. 12 g each; Regulations, circuit subjects, five vizies are all 10g, bare skin, licorice injection are all 6g, big apple 4 fruits. Sac with 400ml of water to 100ml, divided into two times, drink during the day.

– Treatment of dream sperm: Lotus heart 8g, black bean 20g, field 20g, nutmeg 16g, lotus seed 16g, spend star 12g, conifer 10g. Sac drink on a ladder.

– Cure dry mouth, thirst, insomnia, diabetes: Lotus heart 8g, ginseng, circuit sect, Hoai Son, birth ground 12g each. Sac drink during the day.

3. Note when using lotus heart tea

The lotus heart is bitter, cold, and has the effect of clearing the mind of trouble. However, according to traditional medicine, because the lotus heart is cold, people with weak spleen and stomach, or digestive disorders and chronic diarrhea should not be used.

In order for the treatment to be effective, when you have symptoms of insomnia after contracting COVID-19, you should see a doctor to determine your disease status. The doctor will advise and prescribe the appropriate medication.

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