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“Separating the baby girl from her mother to avoid the recurrence of the behavior”

On March 24, the People’s Committee of Ward 5, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City had initial verification results about the “clip of the biological mother suspected of child abuse” occurring in the area.

Accordingly, immediately after receiving feedback from social networks and the press, the Working Group of the People’s Committee of Ward 5 proceeded to work with the family.

Specifically, the girl in the clip is VTK (12 years old) who lives with her mother Vo Le Tran HT (31 years old) and 3 aunts on Thich Quang Duc Street, Ward 5, Phu Nhuan District.

Conclusion of the case of a girl being beaten by her biological mother in Ho Chi Minh City:

The mother shows signs of violence against her biological daughter (photo taken from the clip)

At the time of work, the working group noticed that baby K. had normal expression, slight scratches and pain in the head, took the child to be examined at Phu Nhuan District Hospital.

The initial results of the doctor’s assessment were that baby K.’s condition was stable, alert, well-contacted, with pink skin; less pain in the left head, less pain in the left wrist and hand; the left temporal region is slightly swollen (3 x 3cm), no bruises, no open wounds; Slight scratches on the skin to stop bleeding on the 2nd and 3rd fingers of the left hand.

Information about the incident with the Working Group, baby K. said that in class, he played cards with his classmates when the class was empty, so he was caught by the school superintendent. The school informed the homeroom teacher and asked K. to write a report card. Then the homeroom teacher informed the parents that K.

Around 22:00 on March 22, when she received a message about the incident from the teacher, Mrs. T asked baby K. about the teacher’s complaint, however, because she was afraid of her mother shouting, baby K. did not admit the behavior. mine.

While angry and unable to control herself, Mrs. T. slapped her face with her hand, kicked her hip with her foot, and hit K’s head with a plastic chair.

Regarding the information that baby K. showed signs of being abused by his biological mother for 4 years, Mrs. T said that was incorrect and the 3 aunts also did not believe that baby K. had been abused by her biological mother for many years.

According to 3 aunts, usually every time K. makes a mistake or disobeys, Mrs. T. will hit.

Regarding the incident, the District Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs directly verified the case together with the People’s Committee of Ward 5, the family of baby K. found that the incident was related to anger and unrest. herself in the process of raising her own child by Mrs. T.

Mrs. T. admitted that in the process of raising her children, there were times when she got angry and yelled at her child, even though she knew she shouldn’t, however, the pressure of money and other problems in life led to her disillusionment. the above work.

Currently, the Department has worked with the People’s Committee of Ward 5, requesting to temporarily separate Mrs. T from baby K., not living in the same house so as not to continue to beat her children.

At the same time, the authorities asked the family to hand over baby K. to an aunt and pledge to protect the child, not let the mother continue to beat the child and take care of the baby in the best way. behavior-20220324114532284.chn

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