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Spying on his wife on a business trip, the husband goes to the boss’ villa to find out the shocking truth

A newly married Chinese man had to stay away from his wife for work reasons, so he always felt a little guilty about her. Unexpectedly, when he secretly followed his wife on a business trip, the husband discovered that he had been “cheated” by his wife for a long time.

Zheng was born in Fujian province but went to the city of Shenzhen, in China’s Guangdong province to work. Being too busy with work and afraid to study women, Mr. Zheng never found a suitable partner for marriage. This made Zheng’s parents in the countryside very worried and impatient, constantly asking acquaintances and relatives to help him match.

Because he didn’t want to be disobedient to his parents, Pak Zheng complied. Whenever he had the opportunity to return to his hometown, Zheng would go to the eye-watching session introduced by his acquaintances, and only then get acquainted with Xiao Li. At first the two only talked occasionally, but in early 2020 Mr. Zheng’s work was more free, so he often talked with Xiao Li’s mother, finally both parties felt comfortable, so they decided to get married.

Spying on his wife on a business trip, the husband comes to the villa to discover a shocking truth - 1

Every time Mr. Zheng came to Miss Xiao Li’s house to play, he brought a lot of gifts, thereby winning the heart of his future father-in-law. But during this process, Zheng noticed that whenever he was at Xiao Li’s house, the eyes of his relatives and neighbors there looked at him very strangely, making him confused and suspicious. However, he didn’t want to think deeply, thinking that people were just curious about him.

Zheng then gave Xiao Li a wedding gift of 50,000 yuan (over 179 million VND). The couple’s marriage went well in everyone’s blessing. However, before they could enjoy the happiness of a married couple, Zheng and Xiao Li had to temporarily separate.

Just days after the wedding, Zheng had to return to Shenzhen to work, while Xiao Li remained in Fujian. Mr. Zheng felt that the problem of husband and wife in two different places was not a long-term solution, so he considered returning to his hometown to find work so that he could be with his wife more often. However, Zheng’s plan was crushed before it could be implemented.

Mr. Zheng said that every weekend, he returns to his hometown to meet his wife. However, Xiao Li was not at home because he had to go on a business trip. This made Zheng gradually become suspicious, as the nature of Xiao Li’s job did not require such frequent business trips.

Spying on his wife on a business trip, the husband goes to the villa to discover the shocking truth - 2

To find out the truth, Zheng took a few days off from the company. After returning home for the weekend, he pretends to be gone but is actually just renting a motel near his house. When Xiao Li said he was going on a business trip, Zheng immediately followed. Until he saw his wife’s car stop at an upscale villa, Master Zheng’s suspicion grew.

Master Zheng knows this is boss Xiao Li’s residence. Zheng himself had met Xiao Li’s boss and remembered the license plate number of the car. He saw Ms. Xiao Li parked next to the boss’s car, the two chatted and laughed, then entered the villa. At that time, Master Zheng was furious in his heart but was still trying not to cause trouble. Zheng still tried to think that his wife was here to discuss business, but all night, Xiao Li stayed with his boss, never going out, causing all of Zheng’s hopes to crumble.

Only then did Zheng understand why Xiao Li’s relatives and friends looked at him strangely, and at the same time their wedding was not attended by Xiao Li’s co-workers. Xiao Li said that her colleagues were all busy, but Zheng now understood that it was because she didn’t want her husband to find out that she had an affair with her boss.

Unable to accept the scam, Zheng immediately filed for divorce and asked Xiao Li to return the 30,000 yuan (nearly 108 million dong).

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