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Stocks are in constant decline, suddenly selling profit 31 times

The stock market recorded unjustified gains even though the business results were not favorable.

The stock market is witnessing the stock of Xuan Mai – Dao Tu Joint Stock Company (XMD) with an unprecedented spectacular breakthrough. Only 27 consecutive sessions on the floor made this stock increase 31 times, from the price of 1,900 dong/share to 59,200 dong/share.

Months before, code share This market did not have any transactions, but on February 11 suddenly increased sharply in a row, peaking on March 17. Right after that, these 3 sessions fell to the floor. Closing the session on March 22, XMD stock is at 44,900 VND/share, down 24% from the peak.

In the financial statements for 2021, sales and service provision of XMD reached VND 96 billion, up 35% compared to the previous year. Profit after that reached negative 5.9 billion dong, more than 1 billion dong negative compared to 2020.

Stocks are in constant decline, suddenly selling profit 31 times

Xuan Mai – Dao Tu Joint Stock Company, formerly a branch of Vinaconex Xuan Mai Construction and Concrete Joint Stock Company in Vinh Phuc, was established on March 29, 2004. The company officially operated as a joint stock company from 1/7/2008. Registered business lines: production of building materials from clay; construction of civil, industrial, road and bridge works, irrigation; construction of urban and industrial zones.

In the shareholder organization structure of XMD, there are 4 million shares listed, Xuan Mai Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company is holding 3,455 million shares, equivalent to 86%; Management is holding 3.71% of the company’s charter capital. Stocks floating outside the market only reached about 425,600 shares.

On March 22, Mr. Tran Thanh Hai – Member of the Board of Directors, Director registered to sell 10,000 shares. After selling, Mr. Hai only holds 400 shares. Previously, on March 1, Mr. Tong Ba Hung, who is related to Chief Accountant, Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Phuong also sold 5,000 shares, the remaining holding rate is 0%.

Not only XMD, many stocks increased unreasonably while the business activities of the enterprise did not prosper.

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In 2021, CII shares of Ho Chi Minh City Technical Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company increased by 27%, trading volume was at millions of shares per session. Notably, in the early days of 2022, CII shares reached a peak of 57,900 VND/share, with a trading volume of 67 million shares.

Meanwhile, in the consolidated financial statements of the fourth quarter of 2021 of CII, sales revenue reached VND 660 billion, down 3.6 times over the same period; accumulated revenue for the whole year reached VND 2,916 billion, down 1.8 times compared to 2020.

In terms of profit, in the fourth quarter of 2021, CII reached VND 412 billion, up nearly 5 times over the same period; but the year’s accumulation decreased 5 times compared to 2020 when it only reached 122 billion dong.

Similarly, SCR stock of Saigon Thuong Tin Real Estate Joint Stock Company is at 13,800 VND/share after the end of the session on March 22, up 37% compared to a year ago, when the price was at 8,600 VND/share. cp. Trading volume in recent sessions is always above 10 million units.

In the financial statements of the fourth quarter of 2021, SCR’s revenue from sales and service provision only reached VND 39 billion, down 13 times compared to the same period of VND 512 billion; sales profit in this quarter was positive but at a very low level of 3 billion dong, while this period last year reached 437 billion dong.

Stock code DIG of Construction Investment Development Joint Stock Corporation has doubled, from 22,960 VND/share at the beginning of 2021, to the beginning of March 11/2021 reaching 58,200 VND/share. Worth mentioning, at that time, at that time, many DIG projects were inspected, involved in controversy and business results were not very positive.

Specifically, in the business results of the third quarter of 2021, DIG recorded a revenue of more than VND 538 billion, profit after tax reached VND 42.27 billion, both down 44.3% over the same period.

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