The 3 best current climbing lineups as judged by Challengers


After receiving a lot of edits lately Draven was much stronger and no longer too dependent on the VIP form. Specifically, in the last version 12.5, Draven has 2 extremely important buffs, which are 4 cells increased attack range and 25% more armor penetration when in normal form. This allows Draven to deal damage very effectively when standing in the bottom row and no longer worry about being affected by adverse control effects because of the 3-cell range as before.

Teamfight Tactics: 3 current best ranked climbing lineups as judged by Challengers - Photo 1.

Draven after the buff in patch 12.5 has become extremely strong

In addition to Draven himself, the lineup around this champion also has a lot of 3-4 gold generals. So “rotating cards” when you roll out VIP Draven at level 7-8 is also quite easy and doesn’t cost too much gold. So, with Challengers’ love of flexible playable formations, Draven and friends are a very good choice. The advice when playing this formation is that you should have a Trap Claw in the backline to maximize Draven’s protection.

Warwick – Challenge

After a series of heavy nerf nerfs for a series of 2-money champion reroll squads, Warwick is now emerging as a new force in the world. Truth Arena. The strength of this squad is that the snowball ability in the teamfights is extremely strong and the Challenger units are very difficult to stop in the middle of the game. Especially with the ability to deal damage as a percentage of health from Warwick This squad possesses great strength from the beginning to the end of the game.

Teamfight Tactics: 3 current best climbing ranks according to the evaluation of Challengers - Photo 2.

3-star Warwick is an extremely strong mid-game mainstay

Despite being so powerful, the advice from high ranked players is that you should only use this squad when Warwick is not under intense competition. In essence, Warwick – Challenger is still a reroll squad and needs to push the main force to 3 stars as soon as possible. The fact that you are competing for Warwick will make the strength of this squad very slow and can no longer overwhelm the opponent. So you need to observe other opponents carefully at the level 6 stage before deciding to build this squad.

Irelia “Super Idol”

In fact, the form of a squad that revolves around a single mainstay of the Idol system is not a very new gameplay. In the first half of season 6, units like Kai’Sa, Viktor, Akali… have all been made “Super Idol” with the Idol box. However, the hegemony of Irelia Super Idol is that the mainstay has only the price of 4 gold, which makes the power threshold of the squad will come extremely soon (maybe at level 7) and help you dominate the game.

Teamfight Tactics: The current 3 best climbing ranks according to the evaluation of Challenger players - Photo 3.

Basic Irelia – Idol formation, you can remove 2 Recycle units to replace with 2 Attack pieces if you need more AD

Moreover, in season 6.5, there will be 2 Idol units with the price of 3 gold, so this squad has more chances to reach great power right from level 7. So you should stop for a bit at the level 7 phase to roll aims to upgrade existing 3 gold units as well as find Irelia. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to dominate the match in the middle of the game and take a big advantage in the later stages to get the top 1 position.

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