The girl stopped circulating, suspected of choking on a foreign body in the airway due to eating peanuts

Exploiting quickly, the girl after eating peanuts appeared pale and had difficulty breathing, the family gave first aid but it was not effective, so she immediately transferred her to Hung Vuong satellite clinic.

The emergency center receives the baby in a state of out-of-hospital circulatory arrest, with dilated pupils. The time from when he started showing signs of shortness of breath until he approached the doctors and nurses was about 15-20 minutes.

Immediately, the emergency state of emergency was activated, the team of dozens of medical staff focused on supporting heart compression, endotracheal intubation, vasopressor….

After a three-minute race against time, the girl’s pulse and blood pressure returned.

The girl stopped circulating, suspected of choking on a foreign body in the airway due to eating peanuts - Photo 1.
Hospital doctors give first aid to the baby.

As soon as the girl’s vital signs were stable and the family’s request and wishes, a team of 01 emergency doctor and 01 nurse were present to take the girl to the ambulance and transfer to the National Children’s Hospital. right in the night.

In parallel with the emergency to ensure the process of moving the baby to the central hospital, the doctors of Hung Vuong General Hospital actively contacted to report the child’s situation in advance and offered to prepare to support the emergency reception. to colleagues in the emergency department of the National Children’s Hospital.

Doctor CKI. Le Thanh Chuong – Head of Respiratory Resuscitation Department – Respiratory Center, National Children’s Hospital said that a foreign body in the airway is a case of foreign objects entering the airway. This is an accident that can be life-threatening if not detected and handled in time.

At the National Children’s Hospital each year, about 50 cases of foreign bodies are received and treated each year. Foreign bodies are usually plant seeds (peanut, na, sunflower, corn…) or toys (ring beads, small lights, small whistles, springs…).

Especially in some cases, children swallow sharp objects such as screws, pins, needles… threatening to puncture the airways, causing serious complications. Possible medical complications that cause an airway foreign body are dental procedures such as tooth extraction, root canal therapy, or a pulp-killing needle that falls into the airway when the child is uncooperative.

All ages can have an airway foreign body, but it is most common in children under 3 years of age. Choking on a foreign body can cause death immediately due to airway obstruction or leave many serious consequences such as respiratory failure, hemoptysis, and pneumothorax. Some children have smaller foreign bodies, which are easily forgotten, which will cause recurrent pneumonia …

Do not let children laugh while eating or make them cry or startle while holding food in their mouths. If a child is found to be sucking or eating things that can cause choking, the caregiver should calmly coax the child to spit out, absolutely do not grab the child’s mouth or make the child cry because it will increase the risk of allergies. airway object

When a child chokes on a foreign object, it is necessary to give first aid promptly and properly and immediately take him to a medical facility for timely monitoring and treatment.

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