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The pastel color farmhouse everyone loves

The apartment of the family of architect Vu Anh Viet (Hanoi) has a farmhouse style with a simple but impressive layout that makes everyone fall in love.

Architect Vu Anh Viet (Hanoi) is famous for his designs with modern farmhouse style – a design that emphasizes family elements. So, when renovating the apartment for his family, he also chose this style so that everyone can live in the space nice house true meaning.

Overview of the apartment, he chose beige and white tones to make the space airy, light and brighten the room.

Cozy living room with fireplace accent.

The pastel-colored farmhouse apartment is loved by everyone, weighing all kinds of styles
Electric fireplace for cold days. “Foreign projects and villas used to be fireplaces in the past, but now, life is more developed and modern. Electric fireplaces were born, replacing wood-burning fireplaces, while reducing emissions. smoke and dust into the environment, avoiding fires …”, Mr. Viet said.

“Modern farmhouse is suitable for those with moderate finances. To me modern farmhouse is like an all-in-one style.

You love bamboo and rattan furniture but don’t want it to be too sophisticated or you simply don’t like the deep tones of Indochine style, then modern farmhouse is an option for you when this style often uses furniture. interior Vintage style, handmade, so when you put things like bamboo and rattan furniture in, it doesn’t destroy the style, “said Mr. Viet.

The cowhide sofa stands out on the pastel background. The tea table is unique, with a sedge woven surface, shaped like a fan.

He added, if the homeowner likes a house with a fireplace but does not like the classic style when having to use a lot of moldings in the house and the furniture must be very sophisticated, then the modern farmhouse is also a good choice.

The nature of the farmhouse is to promote the family element, so it is usually arranged with a large fireplace for the members to gather together.

The interior decor is simple, detailed but clearly shows the impression of the farmhouse.

Featuring a family-friendly design, with a pastel-colored background and shelves or console tables, the modern farmhouse can balance all types of decor without making your home cluttered.

“You can be a little tropical, scandinavian is fine, mid century is fine, bohomian is okay. Modern farmhouses can weigh all,” said the male architect.

The pastel-colored farmhouse apartment is loved by everyone, weighing all kinds of styles
The mosaic tile kitchen is quite clean, easy to clean and bright.

The cost for the living space, kitchen, and shoe cabinet is about 350 million VND, excluding electronics. Two bedrooms have a budget of about 150 million. The total cost of completing the apartment is 500 million VND.

“The cost may be expensive, it may be cheap depending on the person, but I think it is reasonable compared to other billion-dollar luxury furniture.”

The pastel-colored farmhouse is loved by everyone, weighing all kinds of styles
The painting is an mdf plate that Mr. Viet has painted himself, and the Buddha image is bought at a pottery shop on To Huu Street (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi).

The kitchen is connected to the dining table but still realizes the space difference thanks to the arched door. Dining table set with 6 rattan and bamboo backrest chairs, rustic rectangular table.

The pastel-colored farmhouse apartment is loved by everyone, weighing all kinds of styles
Room for boys. Mr. Viet said, his baby still sleeps with his parents, but he likes to lie down and play in this room or sit on the sedge mat while playing and studying.

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