The person behind the Lapsus$ hacking group that used to attack Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Samsung is a high school boy

In recent weeks, the Lapsus$ hacker group has appeared in the media. The reason is because this group of hackers has successfully hacked and held many important data of a series of large companies such as NVIDIA, Samsung, Ubisoft, Okta and even Microsoft.

Many people think that behind Lapsus$ must be some notorious hacker. But the truth can make you gasp in surprise. According to Bloomberg, a teenage hacker in the United Kingdom is the “tycoon” who is running Lapsus$ operations.

“Four researchers are investigating the Lapsus$ hacker group, representing the hacked companies. These researchers all believe a teenage teen is the mastermind behind Lapsus$,” Bloomberg shared. “However, the young man who regularly used the nicknames “White” and “breachbase” on the network was not charged with any crime by law enforcement and researchers say it was impossible to conclude that he was involved. every hack that Lapsus$ did”.

The person behind the Lapsus$ hacking group that attacked Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Samsung is a high school boy - Photo 1.

This teenager lives in an area about 5 miles from Oxford University. Bloomberg said they spoke to his mother for 10 minutes through the door’s built-in communication system. His mother shared that she was not aware of the allegations against her son.

“She refused to discuss her son in any way, refused permission to interview him, and said it was a matter for law enforcement. She also added that is in contact with the police,” Bloomberg said.

It is clear that Lapsus$ cannot be operated by a teenager in the UK. Bloomberg also reported on another teenager in Brazil suspected of being linked to Lapsus$. There are also 7 other accounts linked to this hacker group. One of them is a hacker so good that it makes researchers think that all work has been automated.

According to cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs, a core member of Lapsus$ who uses the nicknames “Oklaqq” and “WhiteDoxbin” also bought Doxbin, a website where people can post or search for personal information. of others for the purpose of doxing (information collection).

WhiteDoxbin itself is not a good administrator. He had to sell the Doxbin website back to the previous owner but leaked the entire Doxbin dataset which led to the Doxbin community revealing WhiteDoxbin’s information, including the videos allegedly filmed on at night in the UK.

Krebs also suggested that this guy may have been behind the EA hack and data theft that took place last year. The Krebs and Bloomberg reports are related by the moniker “breachbase”.

Currently, the information related to the Lapsus$ hacker group is still quite limited, will continue to update as soon as there are new developments!

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