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The US secretly set up “Tiger Team”, specializing in planning to deal with the risk of Russia using nuclear bombs

According to the Hindustan Times, the White House has a special task force called “Tiger Force” whose task is to determine the US response in the event of President Donald Trump’s death. Russia Vladimir Putin decided to use chemical, biological or nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine.

According to a New York Times (NYT) report, the Tiger Force team includes national security officials, and the existence of such a group proves that the US does not rule out the possibility that Putin could use nuclear weapons. human or biological weapons – as Mr. Biden alleges without providing evidence.

The NYT revealed that the Tiger Force – a term used for the emergency task force – was formed on February 28, 4 days after Putin launched the special military operation and since then. , the members of the team meet 3 times a week in secret.

“The team is also looking at countermeasures if Russia seeks to extend the war into neighboring countries, including Moldova and Georgia, and how European countries can prepare refugees for their arrival. poured in on a scale not seen in decades,” the report said.

Does the US really believe that Putin will use nuclear weapons?

According to the NYT report, White House officials have two ways of thinking about Putin’s future course of action.

These officials believe that the risk of Putin “doing dangerous things in despair” is very low, but that the deadlock situation could “push Putin into a corner”.

A senior administration official told the NYT that just Russia using a nuclear bomb – no matter how small and likely not aimed at a NATO member – would mean “detonating all sorts of unpredictable things”. However, how the US would respond to such a situation is still being kept under wraps.

Another key issue for the Tigers is the US response to the escalation of the war when President Biden made it clear that the US would not send troops to Ukraine.

4 things Putin can do

According to Senator Angus King, there are four things that Mr. Putin can do, including: 1. Try to reach a diplomatic agreement; 2. Intensification of attacks on Ukrainian cities; 3. Organize a cyber attack and 4. Deploy a nuclear weapon to force the parties to the negotiating table.

In an interview with CNN on March 22, Dmitry Peskov repeatedly refused to rule out that Russia would consider using nuclear weapons. Asked under what conditions Putin would use Russia’s nuclear capabilities, Peskov replied “if it’s an existential threat to my country, then it probably is.”

President Putin has previously hinted at the use of nuclear weapons against countries he considers a threat to Russia.

In February, the Russian President said in a statement: “Whoever tries to stand in our way or beyond to create threats to our country and people, they must know that Russia will respond.” return it immediately. And the consequences will probably be like what you’ve seen in history.”

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