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The whole plane sang ‘Baby shark’ to comfort the crying baby

A video on the social network TikTok shows a group of passengers on the plane singing the classic children’s song “Baby Shark” in unison to comfort a 4-year-old boy.

The video received more than 7 million views and compliments on the kindness shown by strangers to the child.

Mr. Parikshit Balochi – the videographer is also a passenger on a flight from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to the Republic of Albania on March 10. Before the five-hour flight took off, the boy sitting next to him began to cry non-stop. Seeing this, a passenger sitting behind them started humming the tune of “Baby shark”. To comfort the child, Parikshit also began to do the same.

“I have no shame because of my job as a radio host. So, I started singing loudly, attracting people around to join in.”

The whole plane sang ‘Baby shark’ to comfort the crying baby
The classic children’s song made the boy stop crying.

Fortunately, the voices of many people attracted the boy, causing him to calm down and listen silently.

Before turning off the phone, Parikshit posted this video on Instagram and TikTok. Five hours after getting off the plane, he saw 120 notifications on TikTok along with a huge number of views.

“I really didn’t think it was that explosive.”

Viewers were very impressed by the kindness of the passengers on the flight. One person wrote: “It really costs nothing to be a decent person.” Another comment received 7,000 “likes” with just a brief statement “humanity”.

Parikshit’s video serves as a reminder that there’s nothing wrong with crying babies on a plane, but everyone should be a little tolerant. “Just a kid. It’s not the end of the world,” he added.

“Baby shark” is an extremely popular children’s song, which became the first video to reach 10 billion views on YouTube.

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