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Thuy Tien’s rare moment accidentally revealed the “dead corner”, many sisters certainly sympathize

Recently, Thuy Tien was present in Peru to take on the task of crowning Miss Grand of this country. Without the advantage of height, much lower than a head when standing next to the new Miss Grand Peru, Thuy Tien is still not inferior thanks to her confident and attractive charisma. Not choosing daring cut prom dresses as usual, Thuy Tien is more feminine this time with a white pleated skirt off the shoulder, asymmetrical at the bottom of the skirt.

Thuy Tien's rare moment accidentally revealed a dead corner, many sisters certainly sympathize - Photo 1.

Miss Grand International 2021 Thuy Tien took a photo with the new Miss Grand Peru

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Fans can follow this activity of Thuy Tien through livestream. An interesting moment that made many people laugh was when Thuy Tien excitedly tried a local dish. However, this cuteness did not stop the audience from looking at the “cow licking” hair of Miss Hau. It seems that the crew chose the wrong hairstyle for Thuy Tien, causing her to have unintended bald moments

Miss Thuy Tien is as afraid of the “death corner” as anyone

Thuy Tien’s hair is very thick, but she cannot avoid the situation of “cow licking”. Normally, Hau rarely style her hair back, but will let her hair cover the bald spot. Compared to both sides, it seems that the “cow licks” part is more on the right side. So this is most likely the reason why Thuy Tien once had to advise on choosing a shooting angle. Specifically, in a clip posted on the official TikTok account, Thuy Tien repeatedly told photographers to only take the left side of the face because the right side is the dead corner, it’s “terrible”.

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Next time you follow Thuy Tien, don’t forget to keep an eye on her!

No wonder, from everyday photos to event photos, she only directs the left corner of her face to the camera. Even if she is a Miss, she is also afraid of the dead corner like normal people!

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