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Top 5 cancer causing dishes that Vietnamese people love

Cancer It is a disease that occurs for many reasons. Although eating habits are not the direct cause of cancer cells, the fact that we follow a poor diet can weaken the immune system and damage cells. This creates a “hole” for cancer cells to form.


Aflatoxin is one of the most common carcinogens in today’s life.

Aflatoxin is a highly toxic substance. It is 68 times more dangerous than arsenic, 10 times more dangerous than potassium cyanide, capable of extremely damaging liver tissue. Only 1mg of aflatoxin is enough to cause cancer.

In 1993, it was classified as a class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO). Worth mentioning, this carcinogen exists quite commonly in life, especially some of the dishes below.

1. Corn, peanut mold

Aflatoxin is a mycotoxin, so it is often present in moldy foods, especially foods with high starch content such as peanuts, corn, potatoes…

These foods, if stored in wet and unsanitary places, are easy to mold. This is the germ that produces large amounts of aflatoxin and causes liver damage, such as liver cancer.



1. Only buy a sufficient amount at a time, do not store too much corn, peanuts, potatoes to avoid mold.

2. Since aflatoxin spreads as spores, don’t think about removing the mold and continuing to eat it. Instead, definitely throw them in the trash.

3. The corners of the house, kitchen corners often store food that need to be cleaned periodically every few days.

2. Broken rice

Don’t think that rice is something that has no expiration date, in fact rice is the most susceptible to mold.

Nutritionist Meng Lina said: Rice from white to yellow, after a while it turns green, indicates that it contains mold. Be wary of rice being infected with Aspergillus flavus – the fungus that produces Aspergillus flavus. aflatoxin is capable of causing liver cancer.

Many people who see moldy rice often think that just washing and cooking it will be able to remove all toxins. The final temperature to kill aflatoxin is 280 degrees Celsius, so conventional cooking and processing methods cannot destroy the toxicity of this toxin.


In addition, cold rice is also easy to mold and produce aflatoxin.


– Store rice in a dry, clean place.

– Cook rice just enough to eat, it is best to eat during the day, not until the next day.

3. Moldy fruit

A study by the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine showed that the number of bacteria present in moldy fruit only appeared 10%-50% in the moldy part. The rest will appear scattered in areas that look healthy.

In the moldy parts of the fruit, microorganisms produce the toxin aflatoxin, which is known to be a potent liver carcinogen. If a person keeps the habit of eating moldy fruit, it can easily lead to the risk of liver cancer.


– Consume only fresh, delicious fruit with no signs of spoilage

4. Wood ear soaked for a long time

Wood ear soaked for a long time will produce too many bacteria and produce aflatoxin. Even if it is washed many times, aflatoxin cannot be removed.

Solution: For good health, you should only soak wood ear mushrooms in cold water for 15-20 minutes.


5. Moldy vegetables cause cancer

Eating moldy vegetables can increase our exposure to aflatoxin. Besides causing acute poisoning, aflatoxin can also directly damage liver cells, causing degeneration and necrosis.


Zhao Jianjun, chief physician of the department of abdominal surgery at the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said: “If you regularly consume fresh, safe vegetables, you can reduce the absorption of aflatoxin into the body. maybe because vegetables have chlorophyll. Researchers point out that spinach, broccoli, cabbage and other green vegetables are rich in chlorophyll.

The type of cooking oil that Vietnamese people love to use, not only harms the liver, but can also cause cancer - Photo 4. in-5-mon-an-acquaintance-20220324195929742.chn

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