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Unexpected stability of U23 Vietnam’s defense against Iraq U23

(Dan Tri) – U23 Vietnam attended the Dubai Cup without most of the official defense, but the remaining faces of coach Lee Yong Jin’s team still played stably in the match against Iraq U23.

Defensive line of U23 Vietnam in the match against Iraq U23, including players Quang Vinh, Van Toi, Quang Thinh, Van Do and Tuan Tai.

After that, Quang Vinh was injured and Manh Dung was replaced midway. Before and after coach Le Young Jin’s team had the above personnel change, this defense still played stably, making no significant mistakes against Iraq U23.

Unexpected stability of U23 Vietnam's defense against Iraq U23 - 1

U23 Vietnam’s defense played stably against Iraq U23, despite the absence of most of the pillars (Photo: IFA).

The defense of the U23 Vietnam team is an area of ​​great interest, as the Dubai Cup team lacks most of the best defensive players in the 23-year age group at the moment.

Center-backs Bui Hoang Viet Anh, Nguyen Thanh Binh, and left-back Le Van Xuan are gathering with the national team to prepare for World Cup qualifying matches.

Meanwhile, the top defender of football Vietnam in the age of 23, Doan Van Hau, has just returned from injury, has not played any professional matches. Doan Van Hau may appear at the 31st SEA Games in May, but currently he has not joined both the national team and the U23 team.

The players currently competing in the Dubai Cup may not be the main players at sea ​​Games in May or the AFC U23 Championship in June, but they still accept.

Unexpected stability of U23 Vietnam's defense against Iraq U23 - 2

Those who are playing in the Dubai Cup may not have an official place at the SEA Games and the U23 Asian Cup finals, but they are still determined to show themselves (Photo: IFA).

Quang Vinh, Manh Dung, Quang Thinh, Tuan Tai accepted that they had to compete in the U23 Vietnam team, compete with better defenders, and at the same time have affirmed their names in the domestic bridge village including Viet Anh. , Thanh Binh, Van Hau, Van Xuan.

The players attending the Dubai Cup see the current matches as a place for them to accumulate experience, accumulate battle bravery and partly score points with Coach Lee Young Jin, then hopefully Mr. Lee Young Jin will report to Coach Park Hang Seo, from which the current players are on the list to attend the two upcoming tournaments.

Their hope lies in the fact that any long-distance tournament is fraught with risks, and every team needs a thick force, so that the players can support and replace each other when faced with such risks.

U23 Vietnam has to go through 2-3 consecutive long-term tournaments, from the SEA Games, to the AFC U23 Championship, and then the Asian Games (taking place in September this year in Hangzhou – China). Therefore, Quang Vinh, Manh Dung, Quang Thinh, Tuan Tai try to present themselves in the present, to look forward to a good future for themselves at the aforementioned tournaments.

First, these players showed commendable morale. Besides, through what they performed against U23 Iraq, they showed that their expertise is not that bad.

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