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Vu Thu Phuong likes to wear cut clothes

Model Vu Thu Phuong opted for a bold cut dress, respecting her body, in a fashion video she made after her absence.

30 people support Vu Thu Phuong to shoot mode video

Vu Thu Phuong changes her style in a fashion video, which was released on March 22. Videos: YouTube Vu Thu Phuong Official

The beauty said that she had a lot of energy when she returned to the entertainment world after a period of absence. To record her nearly 20 years of modeling activities, she created a new video.

It took more than a month for the model to perfect the product, from idea generation, to preparing outfits, inviting crew to perform, to post-processing. On the day of shooting in early March, Vu Thu Phuong deployed 30 staff including cameramen, hairdressers, cosmetologists, stylists, assistants… Vu Thu Phuong said: “This time I invited a young crew to join me in implementing ideas. I love your active and creative personality, creating more inspiration.”

* Vu Thu Phuong dress in fashion video

She wore three dresses with cut-out designs. At the age of 36, Vu Thu Phuong is considered to have a diverse style, sometimes sexy, sometimes youthful. He said: “I didn’t choose to stick to the aura of the past, but chose to change, ready to experiment with new styles to bring joy to the audience.” To stay in shape, she chooses a low-carb menu, eats lots of fruit, boiled vegetables, drinks non-greasy broth… Every day, Vu Phuong practices catwalks, yoga for an hour.

Vu Thu Phuong is return as well as coach of The Face Vietnam 2022 and judge of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022. Last week, she sat on the casting judges seat, moving continuously between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Vu Thu Phuong backstage casting The Face

Vu Thu Phuong at the casting of The Face Vietnam 2022, March 15. Videos: Characters provided

The beauty was born in 1985, from Nam Dinh. She is famous in the catwalk village at the same time as her long legs: Bao Hoa, Vo Hoang Yen, Ngoc Quyen. Apart from modeling, she has acted in films: Advertising agency love story (2008), reluctant girl (2009), beggar prince(2011), Upstream aspirations (2011). In 2011, Vu Thu Phuong married businessman Thanh Hai.

Tan Cao (Photo: Thanh Luan, Thanh Tung)

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