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What is it like to go to G63, Vietnamese schoolgirls fly a PRIVATE plane to roam the largest pilot school in the US, tuition fee “fog” 1.2 billion

Pilot is one of the very attractive professions for young people because of many factors: specific nature of work, modern environment, attractive salary. Not to mention that to officially control a flight, you also have to spend a lot of time studying, researching and experiencing.

And the story of her friend Mach Khanh below is no exception. She is an American student majoring in Pilots, owning a personal channel with more than 55,000 followers. After graduating from the University of Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City, she followed the call of her passion to go to pilot school with a tuition fee of up to 200,000 USD (about 4.6 billion VND).

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Mach Khanh – American student majoring in Piloting

Recently, the female student posted on her personal Youtube channel about a solo trip to New Smyrna in Florida, visiting with a friend from Epic Flight Academy. Currently, the video has received a high level of interaction because most people are admiring the excellent flying skills of this small and cute girl.

People often go for a walk by motorbike or car, while Khanh goes for a walk by plane to Florida! (Source: from khan)

Specifically, in the video, her friend Lam Hoang reviewed a round of Epic Flight Academy. The opening is the main hall of the school with quite spacious and spacious space. Next to it is a clothing shop with mostly EPIC school uniforms, it’s rare for a school to sell cassettes and Ipads to students right in the school’s lobby.

Next are rooms where students can practice participating in a briefing (pre-flight safety meeting) between flight attendants and the pilot. Content related to flight information such as: destination, flight time, weather, number of passengers, other special information and updates from the delegation.

The school’s classrooms are permanently divided, with the area of ​​the Simulator room (simulating cockpit) where pilots must continuously practice to maintain their qualifications, skills, and periodic training on the equipment. simulated by the cockpit. And that is a mandatory requirement, which cannot be replaced by other forms of training to ensure safe operation when flying.

What is it like to go to G63, Vietnamese schoolgirls fly a PRIVATE plane to roam the largest pilot school in the US, tuition fees are 1.2 billion - Photo 3.

Next will be the library, self-study room, relaxation room, canteen for students. Lam Hoang also revealed that the cost to rent a room in the area near EPIC school is 750 USD/month (more than 17 million VND), due to the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, it should be reduced to 500 USD/month (more than 11 million VND). VND). This is considered a “comfortable” cost when in an expensive area like Florida.

It is known that Epic Flight Academy flight school is located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida on the east coast of the United States. This is considered one of the schools that owns the most advanced fleet of single-engine and multi-engine aircraft in the international network of pilot schools. The cost to train pilots of this school does not include airfare, accommodation costs will fluctuate around 57,937 USD (1.2 billion VND).

Epic Flight Academy is one of the most professional pilot training schools in the US

In the comments section, many people were overwhelmed with the quality of pilot training in the US as well as her extreme flying skills:

– Like riding a bike around the neighborhood, convenient to visit for a Sunday afternoon chill coffee? However, this version is more fancy cool.

– Going to school by plane is real! Ever since I was a kid, I thought it was just a movie

– The USA recognizes that the extraordinary has also become normal, it’s really respectable for a girl to fly an airplane like this!

Source: from Khanh

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