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What is the human placenta and its medical effects?

The concept of the use of maternal placenta in traditional medicine

The placenta is a part of the mother’s uterus that protects and nourishes the fetus. Traditional medicine considers placenta to be a medicine called Tu Ha Sa. Placenta is also known as placenta, nucleus, fetal medicine, scientific name is Placenta Hominis.

To the naked eye, the placenta is safe, pink, bright, without scratches, the mother’s amniotic sac must be clean, not cloudy, and the mother has no medical history before giving birth.

According to traditional medicine, placenta has the effect of tonic, nourishing blood, beneficial essence and used to treat a number of diseases such as: Asthenia, emaciation, asthma, hemoptysis, sperm deficiency, anemia in women , lack of milk after giving birth, stealing sweat…

How does the maternal placenta work according to the concept of Eastern medicine?  - Photo 1.

Placenta has the effect of nourishing gas, nourishing blood, and helping essence, so this is a medicine that many people are looking for

Is the maternal placenta really good?

Although known for many uses, but up to now, there has not been any research to prove the above effects of placenta.

Herbalist Vu Quoc Trung, Traditional Medicine Clinic of Touch Pagoda, said: “In fact, Eastern medicine has a remedy made from human placenta, but there is no human flesh.”

Some medical practitioners also believe that placenta not only does not help improve health, but also can make users susceptible to genetic diseases or infection with hepatitis B and C viruses, diseases related to the digestive tract. , infection with bacteria, viruses, parasites…

In maternity hospitals, the placenta is classified as a medical waste for disposal.

Currently, the placentas sold on the market are of unknown origin, so the risk of carrying the disease is very large.

In case the placenta is not inspected and processed under aseptic conditions, there is a risk of containing pathogens in the placenta itself. The Ministry of Health recommends that people should not use placenta. Therefore, the purchase and sale of placenta should be considered illegal.

Consumers need to be aware that using placenta as medicine is not safe in current conditions, and trying to use it will be very dangerous for health.

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