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When the camera suddenly malfunctions

03/24/2022 09:56 GMT+7

Discovering that the camera was not working, she planned to call the camera seller to ask, but clicked her tongue “to go home at night”.

Their children are in big cities, and U80’s grandparents are in small cities, taking care of each other. No matter what, grandparents do not come to live with their children. The reasons are many, but basically like every family: “Parents can’t go. Why can’t they leave the house”.

After much persuasion, the cubs know they can’t force their grandparents. Everyone understands, if they take their parents to a new place, they will be sad and lost as if they were locked in four apartment walls; I just had to let my grandparents stay together in a small house that is getting more and more cramped every year because of the accumulated furniture.

During the peak days of COVID-19, the eldest sister went online to buy a set of security cameras, hire workers to go home and install them for her grandparents. Her friends told her that they all installed this type of camera for their grandparents in the countryside. Every day on Facebook, she sees this person showing off a picture of a 70-year-old mother who still practices yoga, the other shows an image of an 80-year-old father watering the plants… Even though they are thousands of kilometers away, children still feel like they are with their parents. very interested.

The camera has helped many children keep a close eye on the situation of their parents in the countryside (Artwork)
The camera has helped many children keep a close eye on the situation of their parents in the countryside (Artwork)

With the camera, the six sisters excitedly opened the phone app to see what their parents were doing. Grandparents have regular activities: get up at 6 o’clock to watch TV, cook breakfast, have breakfast and then watch TV, cook lunch, eat lunch and then watch TV again, take a nap, wake up to watch TV and cook afternoon… The evening also ended when he turned off the television in the living room, the night covered the small house.

In the first days, the first week, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of primary school age from the provinces and cities still pressed the conversation key to chat with grandparents; Daughters and sons mentioned from epidemic prevention, vaccines to anniversaries, funerals, weddings, neighbors… But, gradually, the calls became less and less frequent, the openings of the cams also became less frequent…

One day, her first daughter was startled between her lunch break at work and the first time she opened the camera app on her phone. Grandma’s house in the picture is so sad, the door is quiet, no one is watching TV, nor can I see a tray of rice on the table. Thinking that her grandparents were going to take a nap, she turned off the app and went back to sleep.

At noon the next day, she discovered the camera was not working, because it was offline. Maybe your grandparents’ wifi network hasn’t been paid, maybe the app’s data plan has run out or something has gone wrong… She planned to call the place that sells the camera to ask, but clicked her tongue “to come home at night.” .

The afternoon of an office woman is a busy series of visits to the market, picking up children, cooking, cleaning… The daughter forgot about the camera being turned off. At 10 p.m., the phone rang – it was a friend who worked as a doctor in the hospital in his hometown. You said that as soon as you entered the shift, you met your grandparents in the emergency department.

She had been tired for a few days, and this afternoon she fainted. Alone, he struggled to find a way to call a car, call a neighbor to take her to a taxi, go to the hospital to do the procedure. Fearing that his children would be far away, he didn’t want to be bothered, so he didn’t tell anyone.

“Fortunately, she was discovered by him early, so she could get emergency treatment or she wouldn’t know what to do later,” said the friend. The daughter called around to inform her brothers and sisters, then sat in the middle of the house, blaming the teasing camera when it failed at the wrong time. In fact, she also knew which camera was at fault.

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