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Wife ‘weeds’ the private area, husband let out a ‘disgusting’ sentence and left

03/24/2022 07:32 GMT+7

That night, the couple was about to get close when the husband discovered his wife’s “little girl” was empty. He let out a sentence that made his wife numb and then left, the husband thought that women who waxed were spoiled girls.

Summer is coming, on the secret society ‘Great way to keep a husband’, many women share the secret of ‘weeding’ the private area.

Hoang Hanh (living in Ha Tinh) came to show that she boldly bought a bottle of Thai hair removal cream sold online to ‘clean up’ all the private parts.

Hanh noticed that after cleaning, she felt cleaner. However, Hanh’s husband himself did not like it because of the feeling “that place is very strange”. Hanh’s share attracted hundreds of comments.

Most women think that after cleaning the private area, they feel clean, less smelly and easier to clean on red light days.

In particular, there are couples who find novelty when the ‘little girl’ is cleaned of the ungodly ‘jungle’.

According to Obstetrician and Gynecologist Le Thi Kim Dung – Thai Ha Labor Health Center – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, The intimate area is a sensitive place, contains many sweat glands and has secretions from the vagina, so it is easy to cause infection.

In fact, Dr. Dung said that many women complain and they seek to remove their private hair to clean, even the menstrual cycle is not troublesome. This, Dr. Dung thinks that it is completely normal if you feel troubled because the place is too dense.

Wife ‘weeds’ the private area, husband let out a ‘disgusting’ sentence and left
Should you clean your private area?

However, Dr. Dung said that how to clean it safely is the problem. Many women buy hair removal creams by themselves, even removing hair to remove them, leading to dermatitis, folliculitis and where the hair is always itchy, folliculitis or you use a razor to shave yourself, then you trouble.

Dr. Dung said she once met a girl who went to gynecological examination. With dense private area has caused inflammation. The doctor asked the patient to go to a dermatology facility to remove hair. However, the girl who is afraid of hair removal will be judged as not good for her husband because women without her husband will not be able to do business.

Meanwhile, the dense hairy private area can also be an environment for bacteria to grow and create an unpleasant odor that makes women self-conscious and afraid to communicate. Many women complain that they are self-deprecating when wearing a bikini, even worrying about being offended by revealing ungainly hairs.

Dr. Dung noted hair removal to avoid complications, because many cases of skin inflammation, bleeding even ingrown hairs after hair removal.

Dr. Dung’s opinion is that women can remove hair cleanly, but find a safe method and should not shape the grass area. There are girls who shape stars, create chicken feathers … can impress their partners but sometimes have the opposite effect on their husbands.

Many women find pleasure when their husbands make waxing gestures when their husbands cuddle their intimate hair, which in any way is detrimental to married life. Therefore, shaving the private area needs to be based on the specific case and habits of each person.

For example, some people boast that their husbands enjoy cleaning after cleaning, but there are also people who complain that their husbands don’t like them. Dr. Dung once met a young wife who had cleaned her hair. That night, the couple was about to get close when the husband discovered his wife’s “little girl” was empty.

The job was empty just to make women feel comfortable and clean, but the husband didn’t believe it and said a “disgusting” word and left.

The husband thinks that waxing is spoiled girls.

In another case, go to Dr. Dung with the flower-shaped private area right there. The girl who waxed and tattooed a flower doctor looked surprised too. When he wanted to get married, his boyfriend lost his feeling because of shaping his private area. At this time, the girl just wanted the “grass” to grow back like before and regretted it.

Enough reasons for women to clean up the bile triangle area of ​​the body. However, Dr. Dung said that when choosing any method, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist for good results. Avoid complications from hair removal caused by bleach, bleaching cream.

Especially using a razor can cause damage to the mucosa in that area and is also an easy cause of itching and inflammation around.

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