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Will the “beautiful sisters” who are both good and rich in Vietnamese showbiz ever get married?

On the day of White Valentine’s Day March 14, fans burst into tears when they received the good news that Ngo Thanh Van was proposed by her boyfriend Huy Tran. After nearly 2 years of dating, the “woman” of Vietnamese cinema nodded to accept the invitation to “go back to the same house” with a handsome Vietnamese overseas German who was 11 years younger than her. The fact that Ngo Thanh Van is about to become someone’s wife makes people wonder when other attractive single “beautiful sisters” will also get married.

Will the 'beautiful sisters' who are both good and rich in Vietnamese showbiz ever get married?  - first

Thanh Hang

Thanh Hang is also a beauty who came out of the contest miss like Ngo Thanh Van and gradually built up a foothold in the entertainment industry. In terms of the situation, except for the “rumored lover” Ha Anh Tuan, Thanh Hang is considered a “peach blossom supermodel” when entangled with many emotional questions. Yet “big sister” Thanh Hang is still alone at the age of U40.

In an interview with the media, Thanh Hang said she was still hesitant about getting married and having children. Although he envisioned the life of a married person, the actor Sisters and sisters confessed, at present, she is not brave enough to start entering the marriage door in the role of “milky mother”.

Will the 'beautiful sisters' who are both good and rich in Vietnamese showbiz ever get married?  - 2

Ho Quynh Huong

In MV Take it easyHo Quynh Huong surprised fans when she transformed into a sexy and attractive “beautiful sister” image, dating a series of hot boys. In real life, the female singer also experienced 3 love affairs in 20 years. The vocalist of Quang Ninh once revealed: “The first boyfriend was a handsome, tall man who was the best student in school. All the students love him. The next two are successful, famous people. When I met them, I didn’t know they were rich, but I was often attracted to them because they were pompous, elegant, romantic and gallant.”

In love, Ho Quynh Huong is a traditional type of person, who loves someone who wants to stick with them and dedicate themselves completely to the other person, but no love has come to a happy ending.

In recent years, Ho Quynh Huong only occasionally appeared on stage in a select number of programs. Voice 2nd love letter Take time to do your own things. In her forties, she has a happy life with her parents and relatives in Ho Chi Minh City. Regarding the intention to get married, the female singer is not pressured to get married but chooses depending on fate.

Will the 'beautiful sisters' who are both good and rich in Vietnamese showbiz ever get married?  - 3

My Tam

Every time a music product is released or a concert is held, My Tam’s name is covered in newspapers, but the female singer’s love story is rarely revealed to the public. The audience used to work hard to “push the boat” for My Tam and Mai Tai Phan because the two of them were so beautiful together, there were also intimate and emotional gestures since the time they collaborated in the MV. Don’t ask me and play the role of love in the movie Your assistant sister.

It was not until the beginning of 2021 that “Sister Dep” admitted that she liked Mai Tai Phan in her gentleness, cuteness, thoughtfulness and understanding, so she did not need to “fight front and back” whenever they were together.

Although My Tam still hides her private life, fans hope that the idol will soon have a happy ending with a fairy wedding. Currently, the female singer still has her biggest love for music and wants the audience to pay attention and support art projects.

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Ly Nha Ky

Ly Nha Ky is a special case that makes people wonder why such a talented woman with such a hot appearance has not met the true love of her life. A long time ago, Ly Nha Ky had a relationship that lasted 9 years. It was thought that they would get married after many years of being together, but the former Tourism Ambassador announced their separation because the other party had found love with another woman.

Later, Ly Nha Ky said that she was timid and did not dare to bet her life on love. Many of her peers are already married, but she is still happy with her single life at the age of 40. Partly because she is busy with work, partly because she is afraid that the person she knows will be under pressure, she does not dare to open her heart to anyone. .

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