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1 point is like a microwave

About a month ago, on February 28, a Boeing E-4B (also known as the “Doomsday Plane”) belonging to the US Air Force was spotted participating in training in the context of the problem. The hot topic between Russia and Ukraine was tense, especially when the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, announced that he would put nuclear forces on high alert.

This “Doomsday Plane” plane took off from the US Air Force base in Nebraska, flew for about 4.5 hours towards Chicago and back to base.

Most recently, during the 4-day working trip to Europe of US President Joe Biden, a “Doomsday plane” was seen with a fleet of aircraft escorting him at RAF Mildenhall military base. , Suffolk, England. It is known that this aircraft had to refuel in the air while flying over the Atlantic region.

The anti-nuclear doomsday plane followed Mr. Biden to Europe: 1 point like a microwave - Photo 1.

The Boeing E-4B is affectionately known as the “Doomsday plane”. Image source: dxme from Schweiz, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

As a rule, the US will always keep 1 of these 4 Boeing E-4Bs in a state of readiness for take-off in the event of a nuclear conflict. According to information released by the US Air Force itself, this Boeing E-4B aircraft is built on the Boeing 747-200B model and has been changed a lot to suit the purpose of the central command post during the war. nuclear explosion.

Also according to the US Air Force, this Boeing E-4B model can resist electromagnetic pulse weapons EMP (weapon can paralyze communication devices) and is equipped with many advanced communication equipment. , such as a satellite communication system, allows this air command to stay in good contact anywhere in the world.

In addition, the most notable changes include the ability to resist nuclear radiation and heat waves when a nuclear bomb explodes. According to research, when a nuclear bomb explodes, the energy will be divided by 50% for the explosive power, 35% for the heat wave and the remaining 15% for the nuclear radiation.


The anti-nuclear doomsday plane followed Mr. Biden to Europe: 1 point like a microwave - Photo 2.

A Boeing E-4B refueling in midair in 2017. Photo: Staff Sgt. Nicole Leidholm | US Air Force

A little-known thing about this Boeing E-4B is that it has its roots in the Cold War, specifically designed in 1973. At that time, this E-4 family of aircraft was considered the best way to fly. The head of the United States can survive a nuclear bomb, even the worst-case scenario, hence the name “Doomsday Planes”.

The actual capabilities of the Boeing E-4B are obviously kept secret, but Business Insider has also published a little more information about this aircraft model. For example, to resist radiation, the entire window area has metal mesh. This design, conjecturely, a reimagining of the Faraday Cage as this 1836 invention might be resistant to radiation from the EMP. Interestingly, the microwave oven can be considered the closest device to the invention of the Faraday Cage.

The anti-nuclear doomsday plane followed Mr. Biden to Europe: 1 point like a microwave - Photo 3.

There was a Boeing E-4B aircraft appeared in the fleet of aircraft escorting Mr. Joe Biden to Europe. Photo: UK Defense Journal

In addition to being designed to resist magnetic radiation, Business Insider also reported that the Boeing E-4B is also equipped with heat radiation and heat wave shields – matching information posted by the US Air Force. Further details on how this Boeing E-4B can withstand nuclear radiation have not been released.

Theoretically, there are many types of metal that can be used for radiation resistance, as long as the sheet metal is thick enough to reduce the radiation hazard to an acceptable level. Because lead possesses unique properties such as high atomic density, large atomic number, lead is widely used for radiation resistance.

With radioactive containers, lead in solid form is also frequently used to prevent radiation from escaping. In addition to its high atomic density, lead also has other properties such as ease of handling and a high degree of stability. This material is also available in many forms, such as lead brick, lead wool, lead pipe, lead plate, lead powder… htm

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