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[20h00, ngày 25/3] MONEYtalk #13: Make money from TikTok – Play for fun, eat for real?

In early 2020, Khaby Lame was still a worker in the town of Chivasso, northern Italy. By March of that year, Khaby Lame lost her job. Get started with TikTok. Now, the guy born in 2000 has more than 135 million followers, over 2.2 billion likes. Khaby Lame earned more than 2 million USD and became a millionaire.

Tiktok in particular, or social networks in general, is making the dream of getting rich many young people come true. That’s not the story far away. It happened right here in Vietnam. Youtuber, Tiktoker making billions is normal.

These successful examples make many young people, especially the genZ generation, join the race to become KOLs. They tell each other that, just a phone, a little talent, a little time investment is to earn money. Play and eat for real.

However, a statistic also shows that 90% of established channels cannot earn 2.5 USD/month. 2.5 USD is more than 55,000 VND, probably only about a bowl of pho in Hanoi.

New research from Q&me conducted in early 2022 shows that social networks are increasingly used by Vietnamese people. Facebook is still the most popular social networking platform being used in Vietnam. The percentage of users using Facebook reaches 97%. Next is Youtube, Zalo. However, TikTok was the app with the best growth as the percentage of active users increased from 49% to 62%. The more users, the more content creators on this platform have to “use martial arts”.

[20h00, ngày 25/3]  MONEYtalk #13: Make money from TikTok – Play for fun, eat for real?  - Photo 1.

MONEYtalk number 13 has the topic “Make money from Tiktok – Work, eat for real?”

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