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$60 million for two “love rivals” Kanye West and Pete Davidson to enter the ring

(Dan Tri) – American professional boxer Jake Paul (25 years old) has just made a $60 million offer for two famous Hollywood “rivals” – Kanye West and Pete Davidson – to step into the martial arts. radio.

$60 million for two love rivals Kanye West and Pete Davidson to enter the ring - 1

Kanye West (right) constantly attacks and provokes “love rival” Pete Davidson (left) and ex-wife Kim Kardashian (centre) (Photo: Daily Mail).

After announcing his separation from reality TV star Kim Kardashian (41 years old), rapper Kanye West (44 years old) wants to mend the relationship. However, Kim did not change her decision to divorce and had a new relationship with comedian Pete Davidson (28 years old). This caused Kanye West to constantly attack and provoke the “love rival” and his ex-wife.

Kanye West’s aggressive moves quite attracted the attention of showbiz news. Faced with the relentless provocative moves that Kanye West has made recently, boxer boxing Jake Paul asks two men – Kanye West and Pete Davidson – to arbitrate things clearly and decisively in the ring.

Jake Paul is ready to be the party to organize this public fight with a reward of at least $ 60 million. Each side will receive a certain 30 million USD in hand, and the matter of winning or losing will be related to which side needs to actively withdraw in the love affair with Kim.

When the American media reached out to boxer Jake Paul, he affirmed that the proposal he made on social networks was serious: “I am tired of the provocative moves back and forth on social networks between the parties, I think the way they treat each other will affect the lives of the children, the children of Kim and Kanye.”

Jake Paul asserts that as one of the highest-paid boxers last year, he can fully mobilize sponsors to create a “huge” reward for Kanye West and Pete Davidson. if they agree to join the contest.

$60 million for two love rivals Kanye West and Pete Davidson to enter the ring - 2

Boxer Jake Paul (Photo: Daily Mail).

“Given the current level of media-public interest in Kanye West and Pete Davidson, the prize money for the fight would be ideal, as long as two people dare to appear in the ring and participate in it. public competition, “said Jake Paul.

Now, Kanye West’s aggressive, provocative moves towards Pete Davidson have had the first effects on his career.

Kanye West has been removed from the list of performers at the Grammy Music Awards because of the organizers events worried about his controversial behavior recently.

Recently, Kanye West was also “suspended” her social media account within 24 hours for hateful posts, violating the community standards of a social networking platform.

In addition, an online proposal that Kanye West should be excluded from the list of performers at the upcoming Coachella music festival has also attracted tens of thousands of supporters.

Before the very unfriendly moves of her ex-husband towards her and her new boyfriend, reality TV star and billionaire businesswoman Kim Kardashian shared in a recent TV interview that she chose “upper” way of life.

Kim said she will make every effort to cooperate well with her ex-husband in taking care of 4 children together, despite the aggressive moves that her ex-husband is making at the moment.

60 million USD for two love rivals Kanye West and Pete Davidson to enter the ring - 3

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian when they were still attached (Photo: Daily Mail).

Kim also asserted that she showed a generous and “protective” attitude for Kanye for the sake of her children: “I think about who I am, I remember how my parents used to treat each other, and then I hope that no matter what happens in my life, I can still be good to the man who is the father of my children.

I will always protect that person, because I want the kids to be able to look at mom and dad and see the best. Thinking like that and I try to do my best, sometimes I try to ignore it and just tell myself to do what’s best for the kids, live upstream.”

Kim Kardashian chooses to live “upwardly” towards her ex-husband (Video: Daily Mail).

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