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A 16-day-old baby is in critical condition after lying in bed, receiving injections

On March 25, Doctor Truong Le Thi, Head of Neonatal Emergency Resuscitation Department, Nghe An Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital said that this unit has just received and treated a child with respiratory failure – severe pneumonia. , monitor blood infection.

A few days ago, baby TMH (16 days old, from Ha Tinh province) was taken to the hospital by relatives in an emergency with poor feeding, coughing a lot, shortness of breath, cyanosis, lethargy, with many bruises on the skin. Stinging on the chest, abdomen, neck, back.

After examining and doing necessary tests, listening to the lungs with poor ventilation, the child was diagnosed with respiratory failure – severe pneumonia, monitored for blood infection.

A 16-day-old baby is in critical condition after lying in bed and receiving injections - Photo 1.

The patient was brought to the emergency room with many bruises on the skin, needle marks on the chest, abdomen, neck and back.

The patient was treated with antibiotics, endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation. At present, baby H. is in critical condition, but the pneumonia is still not over, must continue to be monitored and treated.

According to the patient’s family, after birth, H. was completely healthy. However, when coming home from the hospital, it was at the right time when the weather was cold, so the family burned coals for both mother and baby.

After 3 days, the child showed signs of cough, wheezing, difficulty breathing, little feeding, constant fussiness. The family thought that the child was infected, so they invited a healer to come and visit the baby.

However, the crying situation in the child still did not decrease, but on the contrary, the child cried more, showed signs of cyanosis, fatigue, stopped nursing, so the family rushed to take him to the hospital.

Head of Neonatal Emergency Resuscitation Department added that this hospital had received many children with inflammation and infection from wounds. There have been many tragic cases when parents believed in the old sayings, brought children to treatment with a state of consciousness, lethargy, pale skin, back with many swollen sores and signs of infection. .

The reason is that many families feel extremely worried when they see their children cry a lot due to the pain in their tongue or twist their bodies to sleep because of dark hair, so they have thought of following the folk concept for children.

Infant feeding is a treatment that is not supported by modern medicine and without scientific evidence, it does not help children eat more, healthier. The fact that the baby cries at night, twists and turns uncomfortable is most likely due to health problems and needs a paediatrician’s examination.

Parents absolutely do not arbitrarily give children because cutting causes pain or causes skin infections, more serious can cause blood infections, delaying the treatment process for children, if not detected in time. Children can be life-threatening.

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