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ADC “goes to the forest” and the reasons for Flazer to shine with hope of a victory

The first leg of the Spring Arena of Fame (DTDV) 2022 has ended, the SEA Games selection round has also closed. The happiest people are definitely Saigon Phantom (SGP) with the leading position and the ticket to represent Vietnam at the 31st SEA Games. What about the saddest? Probably Team Flash and Flazer – their fan community.

To be fair, Team Flash’s performance over the years is not bad. They ranked 3rd in the first leg of DTDV and had relatively good performances compared to before. But that’s enough, when they’re Team Flash – the team most successful achievements, bringing Vietnam to the world championship for the first time and becoming a major force on the international map of Lien Quan Mobile (LQMB).

With Flazer, the position Team Flash should stand should be number 1, there is no place for the two words “failure”. That’s why the 0-3 defeats against V Gaming or the great rival SGP, and then the fact that they missed the ticket to the 31st SEA Games was like a slap that brought them back to reality, that Flash was no longer a force to be reckoned with. island again and deepen the sadness in the hearts of fans.

The return leg of the 2022 Spring Split is about to take place, with the main match of the first day being a super classic between Team Flash and SGP. Based on what has been shown, it is not difficult to understand when many people think that the “ghosts of Saigon” will have an easy victory. However, in reality, the Flazers still have grounds to believe in a victory for their team.

The lineup is gradually stabilizing

Team Flash kicks off TDV Spring 2022 with an unprecedentedly thick roster of up to 10 people, which means they’ll need more testing and more time to settle in. But after half a season, the squad has gradually been brought into form with a regular main frame including Kuga (single lane), Xuan Bach (middle), ProE (assistant), Medusa (ADC) and Maximus (jungle). .

Notably, the new names have also had a very impressive performance. Kuga and Medusa are showing that they have enough skills to compete in a top team. Maximus is gradually maturing, although there are still points that make fans unsatisfied. Xuan Bach and ProE act as experienced leaders, guiding their juniors to victory. In fact, if you ignore the 2 losses against SGP and VGM, Flash still won absolute victories when facing lower rated teams. Overall, with a confused lineup, what Flash has shown is enough to give fans more hope in the return leg to thrive and make a story against an SGP lineup that is being evaluated as “the strongest ever”. now on”.

ADC returns to the forest – Lai Bang’s nemesis is back

Perhaps for fans, the biggest hope for Team Flash to surprise SGP is the return of ADC, when he decided to move from the AD carry position to the place that made his name: the jungle.

This hope is well-founded. Although the performance has dropped to a worrying level, in fact ADC was once the No. 1 jungler of DTDV, even the No. 1 in the world. In ADC, the skills, spirit and especially the bravery of a champion are still there. Meanwhile, Maximus’ slow progress makes Flash lack a reliable “spine” in the jungle position. There are still people who put their faith in the “fat guy”, but the community is gradually losing patience. For them, ADC offers more stability, at least mentally.

Moreover, the confrontation history shows that ADC seems to be a match with Lai Bang – SGP’s forest god. From the solo finals in 2020 to the 2 finals DTDV lost to nothing, ADC both won against a Lai Bang who was more appreciated in both skill and form. In sports competition or e-sports, “cavalry” is a factor that cannot be taken lightly. Therefore, the expectation for a flip screen in the upcoming super classic match is higher than ever.

NTZZ – The prodigy is old enough

In the second leg of the 2022 Spring Split, Team Flash officially had NTZZ’s service in the mid lane after he turned 18 years old.

Super classic Team Flash vs SGP: ADC about the forest and the reasons for Flazer to shine with hope of a victory - Photo 1.

The name NTZZ may be unfamiliar to many people, but actually this guy is a familiar face to professionals. The guy once reached the Top 1 Challenger at the Vietnam server, participated in many semi-professional tournaments and confirmed his skills, which according to BLV Thanh Tung (Tung Hoa Mi) is very high. Player Xuan Bach himself also considered NTZZ to be his true disciple, an investment in Flash’s future when his performance declined.

And who knows, what if NTZZ can make a difference if it is the main in the opening match of the second leg against SGP? Kinh-dien-team-flash-vs-sgp-adc-ve-rung-va-nhung-ly-do-de-flazer-bung-sang-hy-vong-ve- new year-20220325142401163.chn

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