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After Shu Han died, Sima Chieu killed the crown prince, but let Luu Thien live: Why?

The Three Kingdoms is a tumultuous historical period. Many consecutive wars occurred and the culmination was the confrontation between the three strongest forces of the Three Kingdoms. That is Cao Wei, Shu Han and Dong Ngo. The fierce battles with the participation of many talented advisors and strong soldiers and generals have left a deep impression on the race for kingship and the ambition to unify the world of the three “boss”. Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan.

However, that was the early period of the Three Kingdoms. In the later period of the Three Kingdoms, it is surprising that one of the three strongest countries is not the final winner. The winner was the Sima clan, which had a great contribution from Sima Yi, a conspirator who had been through three generations of the Cao family.

Of the three forces, Cao Wei, Shu Han and Dong Ngo, the fall of Thuc Han is the most noticeable. Accordingly, in the year 263, when the Wei army advanced to attack Chengdu, instead of deciding to fight to the end, the Later Lord Luu Thien voluntarily chose to open the gate to surrender. Shu Han also officially perished since then.

After Shu Han died, Sima Zhao killed the crown prince, but let Liu Shan live: Why?  - Photo 1.

Instead of fighting, Luu Thien chose to surrender to Cao Wei.

Facing Cao Wei’s army, led by Dang Ngai, Thuc Han could completely hold out while waiting for Khuong Duy’s army to return. However, Luu Thien chose to surrender quickly.

Regarding the surrender of Luu Thien, there were two controversial opinions. One is that Luu Thien has a far-sighted vision, clearly seeing the ability to dominate the world in the future of the Cao Wei dynasty. Therefore, the late owner of the Shu Han Dynasty who chose to surrender can be considered “up to date”. Second, Luu Thien is really incompetent, knowing that he cannot keep Liu Bei’s inheritance, so he only knows how to surrender to preserve his life.

Unexpectedly, after Luu Thien surrendered, Khuong Duy combined with Chung Hoi to decide to stand up to rebel. Unfortunately, the matter was not completed, it was revealed. As a result, many ministers of Thuc Han were in trouble, but even Luu Thien’s son, Prince Luu Tuyen, was killed by the rebels.

However, there is a puzzling question that, after the death of Shu Han, why Sima Zhaothe son of Sima Yi, who is also Cao Wei’s rightful god, chose to execute Liu Shan’s son, crown prince Luu Tuyen, and agreed to leave a way of life for this lost emperor?

In fact, the reason Sima Zhao decided to execute Luu Tuyen, but left the way of life for Luu Thien for the following three reasons.

3 reasons why Luu Thien’s son can’t live

First, Liu Quan as the crown prince will be the heir to the throne in the future. Therefore, of course, Sima Zhao couldn’t let Luu Tuyen survive to avoid future disaster. Even though at that time Luu Thien had truly surrendered, the crown prince was the root of the country.

If the crown prince is still alive, this country will always have the opportunity to restore the country. Therefore, Prince Luu Tuyen was killed. Unfortunately, Luu Thien chose to surrender, the outcome of Thuc Han seems to have been arranged and cannot be changed.

Second, according to Records of the Three KingdomsLuu Tuyen is the eldest son of Luu Thien, and also the crown prince of Thuc Han. When General Dang Ngai of Cao Wei attacked Shu Han, out of 7 sons of Luu Thien, only Luu Kham (titled Northern Earth King) chose to commit suicide with his wife and children when Luu Thien chose to surrender and Shu Han defeated him. death.

Then, in 264, Khuong Duy, a general of Thuc Han, persuaded Chung Hoi, a general of the Cao Wei Dynasty, to rebel. Unfortunately, the plan was revealed, Chung Hoi was killed, Chengdu at that time fell into chaos.

After Shu Han died, Sima Zhao killed the crown prince, but let Liu Shan live: Why?  - Photo 3.

Khuong Duy’s scheme was revealed. In the end, he himself died.

As recorded in Records of the Three KingdomsPrince Luu Tuyen died during the rebellion and did not have many specific explanations for the cause. However, during that rebellion, Khuong Duy and many generals of Thuc Han such as Truong Duc, Tuong Bin…, had to die. Luu Tuyen at that time may have participated in Khuong Duy’s plot to restore the country.

Therefore, for Cao Wei, which at that time was actually the Sima family holding great power, a prince with the intention of restoring the country would be a great danger. Therefore, of course, the Sima family will not let Liu Quan survive.

Tuesday, Luu Tuyen is the spiritual pillar of the people of Shu Han who intend to restore the country. Because even if the Later Master Luu Thien voluntarily surrendered, the people of Thuc Han were not sure if they were willing to let their country be destroyed. Although Luu Thien intentionally surrendered to protect the safety of the people, it was still difficult to stop their nationalist spirit. The rapid demise of Shu Han is a pity.

So, if Crown Prince Luu Tuyen is still alive, surely the people’s spirit of wanting to restore the country will never be extinguished. Therefore, the Sima clan, headed by Sima Zhao at that time, chose to kill Liu Quan. Because Luu Tuyen is no longer there, it will be very difficult to restore the country, of course, Shu Han will not have the opportunity to turn around again.

With all the above reasons, Crown Prince Luu Tuyen could not survive in the eyes of the Sima clan. As for Luu Thien, thanks to the solo performance of “great wisdom pretending to be stupid” in Wei land, not only could Sima Zhao’s suspicions be eliminated, but he was also able to live comfortably to old age. This is quite a rare thing.

On the other hand, sSima Zhao did not kill Luu Thien because this late owner was named the head. If Luu Thien had surrendered, it would have made the situation in Thuc Han not too complicated.

Article referenced source: Sohu, Toutiao, Baidu

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